Per 5 Russian Revolution and Animal Farm Timeline

Objective: Students will research and connect events from Russian History to the allegorical book Animal Farm.


Communist Manifesto

Feb 21 1848

The Communist Manifesto is created by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Karl Marx Death

Mar 14 1883

Karl Marx Death Date.

Posters are used for propaganda

Approx. 1910

pro- communist

Bolsheviks started planning to take over Tzarist Russia


use propaganda to teach children about their philosophy

Bosheviks target children with propaganda

March 28, 1910

This is because the children will grow up using the information they learned from the propaganda, which will make them more manipulative

Czar Nicolas II takes part in WWI


stalin co-writes with Lenin, "marxism and the national question"

Aug 1914 - Sep 1914

Czar Nicolas II takes control of the Russian Army


Secret Police formed Cheka

Approx. 1917

Lenin lead revolution


Lenin lead what was called the October Revolution

Nicolas looses support of army/ riots begin

Feb 9 1917

Beginning of Russian Revolution

Feb 23 1917

International Women's Day Riot

Feb 23 1917

Russian Revolution

Approx. March 1917 - November 1917

The Russian Revolution refers to a series of revolutions that replaced the Tsarist autocracy.

Russian Revolution. (n.d.). Retrieved September 21, 2014, from

Bolsheviks start talking about a new society

Approx. March 1917

use propaganda

beginning of Russian revolution, Stalin leaves to St. Petersburg


Lenin returns from Switzerland: Rebukes Stalin

April 27 1917

Bolsheviks produce the Pravda

May 7 1917

propaganda newspaper

Bolsheviks overthrow government

Oct 17 1917

Russian Government tries to shut down all Bolshevik propaganda

Oct 23 1917

Bolsheviks take over government buildings

Oct 24 1917

Debate for control: new provisional government: Lenin is chairman

Oct 27 1917

all Bolsheviks

Stalin commands forces in Tsaritsyn, Petrograd and elsewhere


Trotsky is the Commissioner of the Red Army

1918 - 1920

Bolsheviks use theaters for propaganda


The Bolsheviks fear Czar's Rescue

July 1918

The Bolsheviks fear that the Czar will be rescued before he is executed.

Imprisonment of the Romanovs- execution of Nicholas II

July 17 1918

Vladimir Lenin Escapes Assassination Attempt

Aug 1918

Bolsheviks win the Civil War and create USSR


Cheka changes to GPU

Approx. 1922

Radio Propaganda


George Orwell joins Indian Imperial Police Force


Lenin had a stroke


Lenin suffered a stroke which he never recovered. He became mute and could not walk.

Lenin dies of heart attack

Jan 21 1924

multiple strokes ahead of time due to injury during assassination attempt

Stalin Becomes Leader Of Russia

April 1924

Stalin starts removing Trotsky's power


Stalin enforces Collectivism


Stalin created a policy called Collectivism, where the people of Russia would be forced to give up land and harvest crops planted in that land for 'the sake of Russia'

Stalin starts enforcing production theme into propaganda


convincing people they are working for the Russian people

Trotsky exiled to Siberia

Nov 1 1927

Stalin's 5 Year Plan

1928 - 1932

Stalin's Propaganda

1928 - 1941

Stalin took everything that was against him so that it would not be out in the public.


Approx. 1930

While becoming a direct instrument of Stalin they had all of their restrictions taken away.

George Orwell writes "Down and Out in Paris and London"

09 Jan 1933 00:00:00

GPU changes to OGPU


The name of the secret police is changed for the second time.

George Orwell writes "Burmese Days"

01 Oct 1934 00:00:00

George Orwell writes the "Burmese Days." This book tells about a dark look at British colonialism in Burma, then part of the country's Indian empire.

Start of Public Being Murdered


Millions of people got sent work camps because they were thought of committing treason.

New Head


The OGPU names a new head of their organization in Nikolai Yezhov

George Orwell joins Civil War

December 23 1936

George Orwell get injured in Civil War

27 May 1937


Approx. 1938

Nikolai Yezhov was replaced due to being convicted in the 1938 Moscow treason trial and was replaced by Lavrenti Beria.

George Orwell writes "Homage to Catalina"

Apr 25, 1938

He writes about his adventures in war

Nonaggression Pact with Germany

May 26 1939

Stalin signed a nonaggression pact with Germany.

George Writes "Coming Up For Air"

June 1939

This book talks about how World War II was.

Trotsky Dead


Trotsky is almost assassinated by the Russians. Is not killed by assassin but dies of the wounds.

George Orwell writes Propaganda


George Orwell makes propaganda for the UK during World War II, promoting the war against Communism


Approx. 1943

In 1943 the "secret police" branch splits into two different branches, NKVD and NKGB.

George Orwell Writes "Animal Farm"

Aug 17, 1945

George Orwell writes "Animal Farm" which was an anti-Soviet satire in a pastoral setting featuring two pigs and main propaganda. These pigs were said to represent Josef Stalin and Leon Trotsky.

Animal Farm

Old Major gives speech creating Animalism


Old Major Dies

March 14 1883

Jones is removed from farm


Mr. Jones forgets to feed the animals and they riot.


7 Commandments are written

Feb 1917

Snowball creates committees/ Napoleon takes the puppies

Feb 1917

Snowball creates committees to educate and organize the common people
Napoleon takes the puppies in order to create a guard that would only take orders from him

The Battle of the Cowshed

March 1917 - October 1917

Mr. Jones and other farm owners try to take back Manor Farm which the animals had changed to Animal Farm. Their attempt is unsuccessful.

Mr. Jones removed from Farm permanently

July 17 1918

Napoleon takes over as leader


Snowball Exiled


Squealer gives speeches about crop production


Windmill Project for Animals

1928 - 1932