Per 3 Russian Revolution and Animal Farm Timeline

Objective: Students will research and connect events from Russian History to the allegorical book Animal Farm.


Karl Joins communist league

January, 1847

Karl Joined the communist league and write the "The Communist Manifesto" on September, 1847

Karl Marx dies

March 14, 1883

Karl Marx dies in London in March, 1883.

Vladimir Lenin makes his own party

4/16/1912 - 4/17/1912

Lenin reaches St. Petersburg/Petrograd, issues "April Theses" advocating overthrow of Provisional Government.

Czar Nicolas II appoints himself Commander in Chief of Army

July 1914

The Russian army wasn’t doing well in the beginning of World War One. So Czar Nicholas II appointed himself as the commander-in-chief.

Czar Nicholas takes supreme command of Army


On September 5th 1915, Czar Nicholas the 2nd took supreme command of the Russian Army.

Lenin Launches Bolshevik Revolution


Lenin launches the Bolshevik Revolution and makes communism active within Russia.

Losing Support of The Army


Czar Nicholas lost support of the Russian military.

Russian Revolution

1917 - 1921

Russia has a civil war over the debate of the topic, "Communism".

Held in Captivity

1917 - 1918

Czar Nicholas was held captive during this time.

verge of total collapse

Feb 1917

in early 1917 Russia was on the verge of total collapse because of Czar Nicholas's leadership.

Tzar Nicolas II abdicates the throne


Russian Revolution

Approx. March 1917 - November 1917

The Russian Revolution refers to a series of revolutions that replaced the Tsarist autocracy.

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The Russian Orthodox Church was interrogated, and turned into an acrostic site.

September 1917

The Conversion of the Russian Orthodox Church

september 1917

The Russian Orthodox Church was converted into an acrostic site.

Bolsheviks overthrow the government

October 1917

October Revolution

October 25, 1917 - November 7, 1917

The October Revolution occurred during this time

Cheka Founded

Dec 20 1917

Cheka is founded by the Bolsheviks

Tsar Nicolas II Executed


Red Terror begins

Sept 15 1918

The Cheka begin the Red Terror and try to assassinate Vladimir Lenin



Bolsheviks began to use propoganda

Cheka reaches 200,000 members

Dec 31 1921

Russian orthodox workers murdered more than 1200 priests

1922 - 1928

The Cheka were renamed the the GPU

February 6 1922

GPU was promoted the federal agency level


Vladimir Lenin Dies

1/14/1924 - 1/24/1924

Lenin died on 24 January 1924.
His corpse was embalmed and placed in a mausoleum on Moscow's Red Square. From his fourth stroke

No more Roman Catholic Bishops were left in the Communist Russia

1926 - 1947

Changes to Soviet Society

1927 - 1939

slavery imprisonment race distribution and slotering

A new religious campaign was established but ,many orthodox members were killed or sent to labor camps

1928 - 1941

Stalin's 5 Year Plan begins


Demolishing of churches

1929 - 1947

churches were forcibly closed and priests arrested and exiled all over the Soviet Union. Stalin and his Government were not afraid of Strengthening religious fanaticism by wounding the feelings of believers. Religion, they believed, could be demolished easily.

Executions estimated at 50,000

March 25 1929

A former GPU member says that they have executed an estimated 50,000 people.

No More Entrepreneurs


The "Five Year Plan of Atheism" was put in action

1932 - 1933

Stalin put in an idea of five years of athiesm but the idea ended early nad did not make it to nearly five years.


1932 - 1933

Ukraine experiences a famine- 6m people perish

GPU now known as KNVD


Stalin takes control of Secret Police

July 1 1934

Stalin takes over and changes the name to the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. He gave them vast powers and used them as his personal tool oppress the people.

The Great Terror


Stalin begins The Great Terror

Such as the "Plan", "not a single house of prayer shall remain in the territory of the USSR, and the very concept of God must be banished from the Soviet Union.

1937 - 1940

Peace between communist Russia and Germany


The Communist power of Russia is not protected because of their pact with Germany.

Leon Trotsky Died

August 21, 1940

Stalin wants the churches back to show patriotism.

1941 - 1947

Stalin revived the Churches in Russia due to the Nazi Attacks during World War 2. Stalin wanted to increase the country's patriotism

KNVG came from KNVD


NKGB was Renamed to MGB


NKGB created


The NKVD is renamed to the NKGB.



The end of WWII

1945, Aug 17, Animal Farm, George Orwell’s best selling book is published.


KGB Eliminated

August 1, 1991 - November 6, 1991

The KGB chairman leads a failed coup against the government making them deteriorate eventually leaving no KGB left.

Animal Farm

Animalism is created

Jan 1847

Old Major Dies

March 14, 1883

George Orwell was born on June 25th, 1903.


7 Commandments Created


The Battle of the Cowshed

March 1917 - October 1917

Mr. Jones and other farm owners try to take back Manor Farm which the animals had changed to Animal Farm. Their attempt is unsuccessful.

Jones forgets to feed the animals and they riot


Snowball creates the Animal Committees




Napoleon takes over Animal farm with the dogs

July 1, 1934



Effectively ending the war in Europe for the allie