Per 2 Russian Revolution and Animal Farm Timeline

Objective: Students will research and connect events from Russian History to the allegorical book Animal Farm.

Russian History


July 25, 1867

Marx published the first volume called "The Capital"

Karl Marx Death

March 14,1883

He died of pleurisy.

Stalin co writes with Lenin "Marxism and the National Question"

Approx. 1913

Re-introduced censorship and extended it to films, art and music


Lenin led the Bolshevik Revolution and established his power


Announced his new provisional government

Land Decree


Restricted the Russian church from having too much land

Church adopted a resolution to return to patriarchal rule


Lenin announced that he is a Marxist


Over 3600 Propaganda Posters Created

1917 - 1921

Russian Revolution

Approx. March 1917 - November 1917

The Russian Revolution refers to a series of revolutions that replaced the Tsarist autocracy.

Russian Revolution. (n.d.). Retrieved September 21, 2014, from

Publishing Pravda


Coming out of underground movements, the Communists prepared to begin publishing Pravda

Riots broke out from Czar Nicholas II's subjects

March 8, 1917 - March 12, 1917

The Bolsheviks Take Power in Russia

03/08/1917 - 05/11/1917

The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, takes power in Russia

Cheka created

Dec 20 1917

Russian secret police

Lenin banned religion and killed many priests


Government took away the Church's ability to own land

Jan 26 1918

Czar Nicolas II and family were murdered

July 16 1918

Bolsheviks and Lenin led

Assassination attempt on Lenin

Aug 30 1918

by Fenya Kaplan - missed her mark and wounded him

Red Terror Begins

Sept 5 1918

Cheka assassinating people who are assumed guilty of plotting to kill Lenin

Youth Organization

Oct 29 1918

indoctrination in schools to the ways of communism

Leon Trotsky made leader of Red Army


Bolsheviks set up new publishing department

03/08/1919 - 1/12/1924

created to help create propaganda for movement



uprising in which the Cheka works with the Red Army to question people about involvement

Radio used as a mass propaganda tool


Stalin elected Secretary General of the Communist Party


Lenin dies

Jan 21 1922 - Jan 21 1924

Lenin suffers a series of strokes and ultimately dies

Cheka dissolved, changed to GPU

Feb 6 1922

GPU works under the state political administration NKVD

USSR created

Dec 30 1922

GPU becomes a unified organization in order to continue

Book Censorship


60% of books eliminated from most Soviet Libraries

Socialist Realism


Communist party established socialist realism as the only acceptable aesthetic.

GPU leaves NKVD and become OGPU

Nov 15 1923

same thing just unified

Stalin begins struggle for control


against Leon Trotsky

Felix Dzerzhinsky dies

July 20 1926

Leader of the OGPU since Cheka's formation

Trotsky expelled from Communist Party

Nov 15 1927

Stalin becomes official leader of USSR


Stalin begins assault on Bukharin

April 1929

OGPU merges with the NKVD

July 10 1934

to further confuse the situation

Stalin's Agent murdered beginning of Great Terror or Great Purge

Dec 1934 - 1938

Leon trotsky arrives in Mexico


Great Terror

1936 - 1938

The great terror happened from 1936-1938. It is also known as the Great Purge. The great terror was a giant massacre of people Stalin deemed 'suspicions' or intellectual people he thought were Collaborating.

stalin anounces great terror has ended

march 1939

Signs Non-Aggression Pact with Germany

august 23, 1939

On August 23, 1939, Germany and Russia surprised everyone by signing the German-soviet non-aggression pact. this meant that neither of the countries could take military action against each other for the next 10 years. Stalin saw the pact as a way to be peaceful while he built up his military.

ww2 starts

September 1 1939

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are annexed by Russia


Also known as the annexation of the Baltic States. As of August, 1939, Latvia and Lithuania were in the Soviet sphere, where Estonia was in the German sphere. The Soviet Union began exerting pressure on Estonia and placed soviet-friendly politicians at the top of the 3 Baltic States.In early August of 1940 I the annexation was complete.

Leon Trotsky is assassinated by soviet agents.


Under Stalin's command a soviet agent snuck up behind Trotsky and assassinated him using a pickaxe.

German offensive on Russia begins

June 22, 1941

On June 22, 1941, the German offensive was launched by three army groups under the same commanders as in the invasion of France in 1940
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Anglo-Soviet Agreement

July 12, 1942

The Anglo-Soviet agreement of July 12, 1941, pledged the signatory powers to assist one another and to abstain from making any separate peace with Germany.
World War II. (2014).
In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved from

Major Changes


In the late 80's Russia wanted to improve the economic and political system. This resulted in better relationships between the state and the church. This was also the year when the Nationwide Millennium celebration of the Russian Orthodox church.

Animal Farm

Old Major Dies

March 14, 1883

The Battle of the Cowshed

March 1917 - October 1917

Mr. Jones and other farm owners try to take back Manor Farm which the animals had changed to Animal Farm. Their attempt is unsuccessful.

The Animals revolt against Mr. Jones

March 8 1917 - March 12 1917

Mr. Jones forgets to feed the animals and they revolt.

7 Commandments are written on the barn

March 8, 1917

Napoleon takes on the education of the dogs

Dec 20 1917

Stalin also took over educating the youth of Russia

Moses the Raven disappears


Moses represents religion in Russia- at this point in Russian history the orthodox church is removed from everyday life

Snowball is exiled

Nov 15 1927

Animals accused of colluding with Snowball are excecuted

1936 - 1938

Napoleon sells timber to Frederick on Pinchfield Farm

August 23, 1939