Chinese Civil War


Chiang occupies most of Manchuria


Chiang retook the north as far as Jinzhou, Liaoning

Massive Assult


Chiang failed to destroy the Communists

Peace Agreement


Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao Zedong make a peace agreement

Chiang captured Yan'an


Yan'an was the heart of the Communist cause

Guerrilla attacks and assults by the Communists

May 1947

Morale of Nationalists started to fail

Six-month Siege in Changchun


Nationalists were trapped and forced to surrender by the Communists

31-hour battle


destroyed most of the Nationalists in Manchuria

Chiang resigned as the President

Jan 1949

Chiangs resigned as the President but was still the headship of the GMD.

Communists occupies Tianjin and Beijing

Jan 1949

Communists gained control over Tianjin and Beijing without fighting

Battle of 65 days

Jan 1949

Broke the back of Chiang's military strength

Communists fire on Amethyst

Apr 1949

Communists fire on the British frigate Amethyst and beats back naval forces sent up the Yangtze to help

Nanjing, Wuhan and Shanghai gets taken over by the Communists

Apr 1949 - May 1949

Even the GMD capital got controlled by the Communists

Communists gains control over Canton

Oct 1949

Communists occupy Xiamen

Nov 1949

Nationalist leaders run away

Dec 1949

Leaders of the Nationalists run away to Taiwan