25 most iInfluential Occurances

By Alex Viglione Period 6


George Washington

1732 - 1799

Commander of the American Army in the Revolutionary War, first President

Thomas Paine

1737 - 1809

Wrote "Common Sense", which sparked the American Revolution

Thomas Jefferson

1743 - 1826

Made the Louisiana Purchase and explored the U.S, as well as authoring the Declaration of Independence

James Madison

1751 - 1836

Led the country through the War of 1812

Eli Whitney

1765 - 1825

Invented the Cotton Gin, which made slavery even more popular

Boston Massacre


One of the things that sparked the American Revolution

American Revolution

1776 - 1781

The Birth of America

Declaration of Independence


The founding of America

Battle of Saratoga


The Turning point in the Revolutionary war

Battle of Yorktown


Clinched victory of the Revolutionary War

George Stephenson

1781 - 1848

Invented the train, revolutionizing transportation

The Constitution


The rules that governs us as a nation today

Samuel Morse

1791 - 1872

Invented Morse Code, the first long distance communication system

Industrial Revolution

1800 - 1900

Drastically changed technology and manufacturing methods of the time

Louisiana Purchase


Almost Doubled the size of the United States

Abraham Lincoln

1809 - 1865

Led the country through the Civil War, abolished slavery

War of 1812


Solidified our independence from Britain

Ulysses S. Grant

1822 - 1885

The General of the Union Army

Mark Twain

1835 - 1910

One of the greatest American writer ever

Mexican War


Gave us Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona

Thomas Edison

1847 - 1931

Was the first person to commercially use the lightbulb

Alexander Graham Bell

1847 - 1922

Invented the telephone, and revolutionized communication

Teddy Roosevelt

1858 - 1919

Head of the Rough Riders, influential in the winning of the Spanish American War

Civil War

1861 - 1865

The war with the most American casualties, even more the
An WWI and WWII combined

Spanish American War