HCLC Assassins 2014-2015


The Game Began

08/22/2014 22:30

The amount of * next to someone's name defines the amount of kills they had by that time.

Starting Bracket:
Nick Valdez and Brock Kistler
AJ P and Gianna Mella
Angela MacIssac and Rachel Binkley
Elizabeth Tafoya and Timberlyne Ziuratis
Mikala Wescott and Morgan Henson
Sierra Brown and Marti Rhey
Nena Secuch
Brennan Carr and John Derr
Patrick McPherson
Rebecca Clayton and Savannah French
Hannah Kell and Sarah Ivan
Ethan Arehart and Kyle Hickie
Bryce Pharr and Rudy
Ethan Price and Evan Rosser
Julie Drake and Emily Branch
Amanda Clark and Sean McElrath
Mia Mugavero and Braelyn Hilsenbeck
Matt Manzo and Talon Mills*
Jordan Lippens and Cristiana Shand
Billy Hardiman and Ka’mal Jones
Jace McNaughton and Mitchell Glauner
Ryan Deitchman and Justin Kim
Anthony Airdo and Lucas Iosue
Christian Haros and Rainie Parker
David Volker
Mackenzie Gargano and Emily Purucker
Andy Hahnke and Jacob Shupp
Alex Trieb and Jonathan Elias
Rochelle Crutcher and Janelle Crutcher
Tony Salatino and Zach Baker
Max Bussey and Sierra Volker
Sam Schian and Bennett Wood
Hannah Webster and Shelby Langston
Shawn Dickson and Savannah Cunningham
Kristen Stephens and Savanna Willhite
Garrett Leake and Zack Downes
Elizabeth Gauntt and Bethany Clark

Billy Hardiman out

08/23/2014 1:35

Out via Mitchell Glauner and Jace McNaughton*

Mia Mugavero out

08/24/2014 19:33

Out via Talon Mills*

Bryce Pharr out

08/25/2014 11:49

Out via Kyle Hickie*

Justen Kim out

08/25/2014 13:35

OUt via Mitchell Glauner and Jace McNaughton**

Ryan Deitchman out

08/29/2014 22:36

Out via Mitchell Glauner and JAce McNaughton***

Kyle Hickie* out

08/30/2014 21:18

Out via Hannah Kell*

Ethan Ehrhardt* out

08/30/2014 21:18

Out via Hannah Kell**

Timberlyne Ziuraitis out

08/30/2014 21:27

Out via Mikala Wescott and Morgan Henson*

Sierra Brown out

08/31/2014 19:51

Out via Morgan Henson**

Morgan Henson** out

08/31/2014 19:51

Out via Marty Rhey*

Hannah Kell** out

09/01/2014 20:07

Out via Savannah French and Rebecca*

Anthony Airdo out

09/01/2014 20:15

Out via Mitchell Glauner and Jace Mcnaughton****

Lucas Iosue out

09/01/2014 21:17

Out via Mitchell Glauner and Jace Mcnaughton*****

Christian Haros out

09/02/2014 7:24

Out by Mitchell Glauner and Jace Mcnaughton******