Timeline for Berg the Troll Ogre Winter Courtier

Mortal Life

Born - 1969



Life at the Orphanage

02/07/1975 - 01/01/1982

Left on the doorstep of an orphanage in the cold of winter, he was taken in and raised there til he was in his early teens. He made several friends, as well as enemies, of the other boys who lived there, as they endured under the strict rules of the Headmistress.

Caught Fighting


Not having made many friends up until this point with the other children, one day Nicolas was outside when he noticed to other boys picking on a third. After walking over, the two bullies turned on him. Being much larger for others his age, the fight managed to end in a draw, with all three of them banged and scraped up. After the three had finished their long bout of punishment from the headmistress, the experience managed to bond them together for the rest of their time there.

Run In with the Law


Orphaned at a young age, Nicolas (Berg's mortal name), was forced to contend with the trials of poverty and homelessness. Having had problems with both the foster care system and orphanages, he was put on the street, where he resorted to theft and pickpocketing. It didn't take long til he was caught and arrested. Instead of sentencing him to prison, they sent him to a military school.

Sent to Military Academy

08/08/1984 - 05/07/1988

Just a few short months after his run in with the law, Nicolas was sent to the Military Academy for boys. Begrudgingly he went along with it since despite its strict rules, it was a roof, bed, and food. While there he would develop a knack for boxing, being much larger than many others his age.

Wins Junior Golden Gloves


Already nearly seven feet tall, Nicolas' passion for boxing had developed quite well. Due to not only his large size, but also quick wits, he was able to make short order of most opponents. While attending the Academy, he signed up for the Junior Golden Gloves tournament. After five bouts, three of which ended in knockouts, he was declared winner of the tournament by decision.

Graduates Military Academy


After attending the Academy for nearly 4 years, he graduated with honors along with the rest of his class. The courts agreed to absolve his record due to his reformation while attending the Academy. Afterwards, he went on to attempt to join the military, but was turned down due to being over seven feet tall at this point.

Joins Minor MMA Circuit Training


After completing military school, Nicolas decided to pursue a career in martial arts. Having excelled in boxing tournaments at the Military Academy, he didn't find it hard to translate the skills into mixed martial arts. Finding a trainer, wasn't much more difficult either, and he joined a gym called the Den. There he would meet a man named Gunter Agnarsson, who could become his trainer and closest friend. Unbeknownst to him however while the aged man assumed the role of a father figure, he secretly served as a loyalist to the Fae.

The Prey's Durance


Taken by the Hunt


While training one day Berg was snatched from his usually running route into a strange and wild place called the Hedge. He tried to fight off his attackers, and managed to take a few down with him. Eventually though they overwhelmed him and dragged him through the hedge to the Frozen Wastes in Arcadia. To this day he is still unaware that it was secretly Gunter who had betrayed him to the Others.

Wandering the Wastes

01/01/1991 - 06/21/1998

Taken from the mortal world to the unimaginable place called Arcadia, Berg was forced to wander the Frozen Wastes, forever eluding his captor, the Hoarfrost Hunter. Over his time in wandering, he slowly came to the realization he had no hope of escaping by physical prowess alone.

The Prey's First Riddle


It had been a solid week since the Hunter had picked up his trail again. He had been running across the ice flats ever since, barely able to keep a good distance on the creature. The howling wind slowly became the howling of the hunter, and realizing no escape, Berg stopped to meet his fate. It didn't take long before the massive wolf-like creature of rime and frost emerged from the blizzard. It regarded Berg for the briefest of moments before giving what could only be assumed was a chuckle. "Have you given up, or are you fool enough to think you can slay me?" The Hunter snorted, sending a flurry of snow up at Berg. "Neither, and both," Berg responded, stiffening up to try and appear larger. This caught the Hunter's attention as Berg continued, "I realize the Prey never outruns the Hunter. Surely I know it as a fact as much as you, but do you not miss the challenge, the sport?" The creature continued to regard him for a while as Berg stood watching him in return. "I realize I cannot hope to meet your physical prowess, so I ask three chances to challenge your mental acuity with a riddle. If I fail, do as you will, if I succeed, allow me a headstart. If you truly miss the challenge in the Hunt, you will accept."

And so Berg was given a headstart, and only two more chances for escape from the Hunter before his final demise...

The Prey's Second Riddle


The Prey's Third Riddle


Winter Comes to Red Veil

06/21/1998 - 12/31/1999

After being captured for the third time, and failing to outwit the Hunter, he still asked for another reprieve. This time instead of being prey, it was to serve the Hunter and bring his wrath to the creatures who serve his enemies in Red Veil Academy. The Hunter surprisingly agreed, and whisked him away to toil in the pits of Red Veil under his banner.

Escape from the Hunt

Leaving the Frozen Wastes


Hearing the Iceclaw


Even after escaping the Hedge, it took him much longer to elude the packs of the Hunter that stalked him. Having heard rumors of the Emerald City under siege, and decided to continue further north, hoping to lose the hunting packs in the cold which he had been accustomed to. One day, he finally heard it, huddled beneath a mass of blankets in a burned out hollow in the frozen hedge. Amid the cries of the hunting parties, he heard the faint whisper of the Iceclaw upon the wind. It promised him hide him in the cold of winter, and he gladly accepted emerging a few days later after the packs had passed, now a winter courtier.

The Lonely March


Is given the rank of Archer of the Lonely march, and begins wandering the back-alleys and wastelands of the world to establish new safehouses for the lost. Despite the emotion of sorrow and separation that the Winter Court espouses, wandering the wastes of the world alone begins to remind him to much of his time in Arcadia. Being of use to the Lost society, helping other changelings in the same situation, and fighting back against the Others, pushes him onward however.

The Frost Ram


While searching for new safehouses out in the hedge tundra, he rescues a baby hedge ram from some hob poachers. Ever since the hedgebeast has been at his side. His actions however displeased his superiors in the Winter Court. Scolding him for his quickness to anger, and his reluctance to keep the creature at his side. While over time he'd obtain a much better control over his ogre rage, his apparent attachment to the Frost Ram has raised more than one question from his superiors.

Temptations of Summer


After having been in the Winter court for some time, he was eventually approached several times with offers of recruitment to the Summer court. While at first he seriously entertained the idea, the lure and promises of refined anger appealing to him, the repeated appeals for more time to consider were eventually met more strongarm tactics, the last of which resulting in a challenge. While Berg realized the need for such warriors amongst the lost, he felt his place wasn't amongst their, raucous and quick to anger, group. While he certainly battled his own issues in adhering strictly to the Winter ideals, he felt more at home there in the Court.

The Inhospitable Chamber


While securing a safehouse for the Winter court, Berg came across some hobs currently living in it. After observing them for some time, he managed to capture one that had strayed a bit to far. First offering a trade for information, he eventually had to resort to guile and threats, finding out that the hobs worked for a group of loyalists. Taking the hob and the information to his superiors in the Court, he was rewarded with the title Lord of the Inhospitable Chamber. It was unknown to him at the time, but his superiors had known the hobs had been up to something there for some time. In hopes of testing him for the title, they sent him there to find out the information they needed. Even now Berg holds the title in high regard, feeling it a recognition of his skills outside of what is typically expect of an ogre.

Complications on the Job


After pursuing a hob wanted by the Winter Court for some time through the pacific northwestern hedgescape, he finally corners it. Unknown to him, the freehold local to the area had also dispatched one of their own, Arc the Summer Wizened Soldier, to capture the renegade hob on their behalf. After a lengthy confrontation, and longer fight, the hob escapes leaving Arc and Berg battered and beaten at each other's hands. Only afterwards do they realize they are both on the same side, and begrudgingly team up to search down the Hob again. Despite recapturing the Hob, both still bare some animosity towards the other for nearly costing them a mission.

Arrival In Puerto Rico


After meeting another changeling in Augusta, Georgia, Berg pays cash for a flight to Puerto Rico to seek warmer, and perhaps safer, climates. Having preferred wandering in service of the Court for some time, due to the mercurial nature of lost politics, he decided it was perhaps best to seek safety in numbers amongst the Freehold in Augadilla.