Kim's Awesome Life


My Birthday July 19, 1996

Dad's Birthday

May 7, 1960 - Present

Mom's Birthday

November 7, 1964 - Present

Without this date I wouldn't be on this Earth

My Birthday

July 19, 1996 - Present

This was the best day of my parents life !

Alex's Birthday

July 28, 1998 - Present

Worst day of my parents life !


Born and lived in Courtenay

July 19, 1996 - May, 2003

I finally moved !

Moved to Comox Rez

May, 2003 - Present

I live up the street from Kia now!



August 1998 - August 2000

Went to Puddleduck preschool for two years!

Huband Elementary School

September, 2002 - June, 2005

I went to Huband Elementary before I moved!

Village Park Elementary School

September, 2005 - June, 2008

They demolished it t'was a sad day!

Aspen Park Elementary School

September 2008 - June 2009


Highland Secondary School

September, 2009 - Present

Highschool is alot better than elementary school



January 2006 - Present

I don't like doing chores!


December, 2007 - Present

It was my first job ever!

Blueberry Farm

June 2008 - August 2008

It was the most boring but most high paying job I have ever had.

Interesting Events

Singing Career

2003 - Present

I love singing for fun but definetly not in a choir!


2004 - Present

Soccer is my most favorite sport!


2005 - 2006

It was a really boring, girly thing to do.

Trip to Ontario

August 2005 - September 2005

I went to one of the best amusement parks in Canada. CANADA'S WONDERLAND! it was the best experience of my life

Grade 6 Graduation

June 2008

It was a happy yet sad day to leave Village Park and Grade 6.

Second Trip to Ontario

August 2008 - September, 2008

This trip wasn't as fun as the first because I went with my Dad the first time but this time I went with my Nana, who is old so it made it not as fun.

Grade 7 Grad.

June 2009

It was a very happy day to leave Ms Wester.


December, 2009 - Present

I started to snowboard this year!