The USA 1945-1975


The Cold War

1945 - 1991

• Indirect military confrontation
• US and USSR support factions in developing world

Berlin Blockade


o Not allowing supplies to come in to West Berlin
o Decided to unify economy of west economy
o Stalin wants to remove western part of Britain
o Cold War is becoming more conflicted
o Stalin ultimately backed down
• NATO created
o Including Greece and Turkey –
o Binding treaty with collective security
o If one is attacked, all come to aid

Soviet Union


• Soviet Union successfully detonated an atomic bomb
• Stalin has a bomb now = scary
• This causes and arms race
• Creates conflict and anxiety in the American mind



• Last dynasty fell in 1911
• A civil war emerged after that between nationalists and communists
• WWII interrupted the Chinese Civil War
• When WWII ended the war continued
• US supported the nationalists
• Soviets supported the Communists (leader is Mao)
• 1949 Communists won – Nationalists fled to Taiwan
• US had always had its eye on China as a trade party and a buyer and seller of goods
• US invested a lot of and goods and resources to the nationalists and they lost
• US realizes that
• US refused to recognize Maoist China as China
• Didn’t see it as a gov’t
• US recognized Taiwan as China – fewer people
• Basically the US completely ignored China and treated Taiwan as China
o Soviet Union

Korean War

1950 - 1953



Beginning of Vietnam War


American Politics

Truman Presidency

1945 - 1953

Iron Curtain Speech


• Says that Soviet Union is doing evil things behind iron curtain
• Britain is no longer a great power- align with US
• Trying to have a British voice regarding the USSR
• Concern that US would retreat – isolation

Marshall Plan


o Aid for the rebuilding of Europe
o Rebuilding Japan

Truman Doctrine


o Announced a new foreign policy of containment
o US would work to stop expansion of totalitarian gov’t
o US became actively involved in Greece and Turkey
o This was the reversal of what the US had done
o Greece and Turkey joined NATO

Eisenhower elected


Eisenhower Presidency

1953 - 1961



GI Bill


US embraces labor unions
patriotic manufacturer
utter sense of lack of control

Highway Act


Culture and Society

Brown & Topeka


-US Supreme Court reverse Plessy vs Ferguson
-separate but equal will never be equal
Warren Court - 1st liberal court of 20th century
- position on social issues
- Earl Warren is from California
South refuses to desegregate

Elvis on Ed Sullivan Show


Elvis was on the show
-Elvis was a white musician who performed like a Black musician
- more acceptable
- rock and roll was controversial

- This form was integrating america

Little Rock


Crisis in Arkansas at Little Rock High School