Petrov Affair


The Cold War started


The Cold War started at the end of World War 2.

ASIO organised by Prime Minister Chifley


the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) was set up by Prime Minister Chilfley.

Vladimir and Evdokia arrived in Australia


Vladimir promoted to Third Secretary


Vladimir was promoted to Third Secretary at the Embassy and given responsibility for cultural and consular tasks.

Evdokia taken to Moscow


Once the Soviet Embassy became aware of Petrov’s defection it accused Australian authorities of kidnapping him. They quickly took Evdokia from her house in Lockyer Street, Griffith and effectively placed her under house arrest at the Soviet Embassy. Two armed couriers from Moscow arrived to escort her back to Russia (and, presumably, punishment and possibly death).

Soviet Union recalls Petrov permanently


In January, Soviet Union recalls Petrov permanently.

Evdokia flew to Moscow


On the morning of 19 April Evdokia left the Embassy bound for Sydney’s Mascot Airport and her flight home.

Robert Menzies announced the defection of Vladimir Petrov


On April 13, Prime Minister Robert Menzies announced the defection of Vladimir Petrov. He called for a Royal Commission to investigate evidence of espionage contained in the documents Petrov brought with him.

Vladmimir and Evdokia failed assignment


Vladmimir and Evdokia failed to complete their assignment and were punished by Moscow.

Vladimir defects


Prime Minister Menzies announces Petrov’s defection in Parliament. Labor supports Menzies’ Royal Commission into espionage. Evdokia Petrov decides to defect and join her husband.

Vladimir defected to Australia


Vladimir defected to Australia under tio secret conditions. He was taken to a safe house on Sydney’s north shore.

Royal Commission report published


In August the Royal Commission report published. On the 19th of October Evatt announces to a Parliament that he has written asking Sovet Foreign Minister Molotov if the Petrov documents were forgeries. Menzies calls an election and on the 10th of December Menzies wins the election.

Evatt leaves politics


Evatt leaves politics to head the Supreme Court of NSW.

Menzies retired


Petrov's found


The public discovered Petrov's new identity and address.

Berlin Wall gone


The Berlin Wall is taken down, this shows that the Cold War is over.

Petrov died


At 84 years of age Petrov died.