Timeline of life


Earth formed

Approx. 4500000000 Bc

Organic molecule became forming

Approx. 4000000000 BC

Formation of membranes

Approx. 3900000000 BC

First living cell

Approx. 3800000000 BC - Approx. 3600000000 BC


Approx. 3800000000 Bc - Approx. 2800000000 Bc

First Chemosynthetic bacteria

Approx. 2800000000 Bc

Oxidation of Earth

2300000000 BC - 2100000000 BC

Extinction of most anaerobic organisms

First Cyanobacteria

2300000000 BC

Photosynthetic cells

First Eucaryotic Cells

Approx. 1500000000 BC

First cases of organelles and an example of mutualism

First Sexual reproduction

Approx. 1000000000 BC

First Multicellular organism

Approx. 800000000 BC

First Athropods

Approx. 570000000 BC

First fish

Approx. 500000000 BC

First land plants

Approx. 475000000 BC

First insects

Approx. 400000000 BC

First Amphibians

Approx. 360000000 BC

First Reptile

Approx. 300000000 BC

Age of Dinosaurs

231400000 BC - 65000000 BC

First Mammals

Approx. 200000000 BC

First birds

Approx. 150000000 BC

First flowering plant

Approx. 130000000 BC

Last few Neanderthals

20000 BC