writers of modern English prose (Copy)


bernard mandeville

1670 - 1733

a dutch philosopher political economist satirist Book: fables of bees , he showed the difference between private morality and morality of states in an ironical manner the more corrupt a state the more successful will be

george beckeley

1685 - 1753

he brought to have more concern with practical life
an essay towards the new theory of life .
brought a problem of mind acute .
materialism is increasing man attachment . he had a strong argument-ism on mysticsm

jospeh butler

1692 - 1752

he demonstrated the natural affinity for philosophy and metaphysics.he began corresponding with Samuel Clarke wrote analogy of religion

john wesley

1703 - 1791

blessed with the art of pleasing
the philosophy showed good manner

David hume

1711 - 1776

he discussed the problem of knowledge but with the conclusion that remove Beclery he discovered human mind

edmurd burke

1729 - 1797

he found series of pamphlets , he attacked the french revolution in his bk he showed the reflection of France he was a great symbol of conversation

oliver goldsmith

1730 - 1774

he wrote a book the citizen of war , he was creative talented , he attempted every-side of literature

edward gibbon

1737 - 1794

most famous book : the decline and fall of Roman empire wrote in 1776 he also wrote an autobiography , he had very modest believe in the nature of human

William cobbett

1763 - 1835

he was blessed with the natural gift of exciting the reader book:1830 rural rides

charles lamb

1775 - 1834

essays of Elia the elaboration he used was gentle , Elia is the sentiment figure in his writings

Walter savage landor

1775 - 1864

imaginary conversation , he was frequently prejudice

William hazlitt

1778 - 1830

his essays still have there originality as well freshness he used pungent and aluminatory phases there was a violence in his judgement

Thomas de quiency'

1785 - 1859

confession of English opium earlier 1821 he brought into a new prose political prose

Charles darwin

1809 - 1892

he brought up light conceptions of organism , he challenged religion orthodox