Jacques Cartier 1491-1557


Jacques Cartier was born

Approx. 1491

Jacques Cartier, who became a mariner that explored the Canadian Coast and credited for naming Canada was born in between the winter and summer of 1491 in Saint Malo, France.

Cartier sailed to the Northern Land for the first time.

April 20 1534

King Francis I of France decided to send explorers to the Northern Lands to hopefully find gold or a passage to Asia. Cartier sailed from Saint Malo with 2 ships and 61 men. Few weeks later they reached North America. They traveled along the west coast of Newfoundland, discovered Prince Edward Island and explored the Gulf of St Lawrence. After taking 2 Indians, they sailed back to France. http://www.pc.gc.ca/~/media/lhn-nhs/qc/cartierbrebeuf/map1.ashx

Cartier sailed back for further exploration

May 19 1535

After Cartier's first report, the king got interested so he sent him back with three ships and 110 men for more exploration. The two Indians he brought with him were his guides. He sailed up the St Lawrence to Quebeq, later going to Montreal with a small group of explorers to be greeted by Iroquois residents. From the Indians he learned about two rivers that led to lands with a lot of gold, silver and more. http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/lhn-nhs/qc/cartierbrebeuf/natcul/natcul2/~/media/lhn-nhs/qc/cartierbrebeuf/carte-2evoyage-cartier-1535-36.ashx?w=580&h=337&as=1

Cartier's third voyage

May 23 1541

Because of war, Francis I didn't send another expedition till 1541. He had Jean-Francois de Roberval go to establish a colony in the land discovered by Cartier, who was Jean's assistant. Cartier went first, getting to Quebec on August 23. Roberval was delayed by a year. http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/lhn-nhs/qc/cartierbrebeuf/natcul/natcul2/~/media/lhn-nhs/qc/cartierbrebeuf/carte-3evoyage-cartier-1541-42.ashx?w=580&h=340&as=1 That winter Cartier couldn't control his men so the locals got mad again, In the spring, before Roberval arrived, Cartier deserted the base and sailed back to France with barrels of what he though was valuable gold and other minerals. In Newfoundland, he met Roberval, who told him to go back to Quebec. During the night, Cartier continued back to France. The gold he brought back was valueless. Roberval didn't have much success either, coming back to France after one winter.

Cartier returned to France

Approx. September 1542

After returning to France and finding out that all the gold and minerals he brought were valueless, Cartier's exploration days were over. His fame stay'd on his exploration of the St Lawrence River. His failure to go farther and his bad blood with the Indians ruined status.

Jacques Cartier Died.

September 1 1557

After an eventful life, exploring, accurately mapping the interior of the St Lawrence River from the Gulf to Montreal, for the first time in history. Being considered the founder of "Canada". Being the reason France occupies part of North America, He died from the plague at the age of 66.