Independance Movements


Mohandas Gandhi

1869 - 1948

Leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India, led India to independence. Inspired civil rights across the world.

Jomo Kenyatta

1889 - 1978

Leader of Kenya from Independence, served as first prime minster and president. Father of Kenya.

Golda Meir

1898 - 1978

Israel teacher and 4th prime minister of Israel.

Indira Ganhi

1917 - 1984

4th prime minister of India, figure of the Indian National Congress party.

Gamal Nasser

1918 - 1970

2nd president of Egypt, planned the 1952 overthrow of the monarchy. Became deputy prime minster.

Anwar Sadat

1918 - 1981

Third president of Egypt.

Nelson Mandela

1918 - 2013

South African anti-apartheid revolutionary. also and politician an philanthropist, and President of South Africa.

Suez Crisis


Nasser announced nationalization of Suez Canal Company

Yom Kippur War


Surprise attack on Yom Kippur by Arab on Judaism holy holiday.

Rwandan Genocide


800,000 people murdered in Rwanda, Africa.