Industrial Revolution/Imperialism


James Watt

1736 - 1819

Improved the Newcomen steam engine.

Edward Jenner

1749 - 1823

English physician, pioneer of smallpox vaccine.

Eli Whitney

1765 - 1825

An American that invented the cotton gin.

Adam Smith On the Wealth of Nations


A writing on economics, by Adam Smith.

Henry Bessemer

1813 - 1898

English engineer, inventor and business man, manufactured steel.

Louis Pasteur

1822 - 1895

French chemist, discoveries in vaccination fermentation and pasteurization.

Karl Marx Communist Manifesto


Explains communism, by Karl marx.

Boxer Rebellion

1899 - 1901

Society of the Righteous and Harmonious Fists led an uprising in China Against spread of Japanese influence.