Democratic Revolutions (England, Frnace)


Oliver Cromwell

1599 - 1658

English military and political leader, Protector of the Commonwealth of England.



General George Monck met with Charles and restored him in exchange for religious toleration and "amnesty."

Glorious Revolution

1688 - 1689

Overthrow of King James II of England.

William and Mary

1689 - 1702

Battle of Bonye.

Louis XVI

1754 - 1793

Founded School of Medicine of Paris.


1758 - 1794

French lawyer and politician, influential figure in the French revolution.

Napoleon Bonaparte

1769 - 1821

French military and political leader, rose during the late stages of the French Revolution.

Klemens Von Metternich

1773 - 1859

Austrian politician and diplomat, invented the diplomatic system.

Reign of Terror

1793 - 1794

Robespierre executed 15,000 at the gu