John Wycliffe

Approx. 1300 - 1378

Preached that Jesus Christ was the head of the church. Translated the New Testament into english.

Jan Huss

1373 - 1415

Taught that the Bible has more power than the Pope, and was burned at the stake because of it.

Leonardo Da Vinci

1452 - 1519

Painted the Mona Lisa. Lived a mysterious life.


1466 - 1536

Well known christian humanist, wrote "The Praise of Folly."


1469 - 1527

Wrote "The Prince," which was about politics.



Court held by the church to suppress people whose religious beliefs differed from the church. (Heretics)

Sir Thomas More

1478 - 1535

Wrote "Utopia," which showed a better model of society.

Martin Luther

1483 - 1546

Started the reformation, also concluded that faith is the key to salvaation.

Henry VIII

1491 - 1547

King of England, caused religious turmoil.

John Calvin

1509 - 1564

Founded Calvinism, and predestination.

95 Theses


Written by Martin Luther, statements attacking the "pardon-merchants."

Elizabeth I

1533 - 1603

Restored the Protestant church, and established the church of England.

Edict of Nantes


Henry declared that the Huguenots could live peacefully in France and set up houses of worship. (Religious toleration.)