Eras of Western Music


Medieval Period

Approx. 500 - Approx. 1400

simple early music, often linked to religious practices.flutes and early string instruments where played,often in a monophonic manner


Approx. 1400 - Approx. 1600

music was significantly varied in this era and linked with other artistic movements. variations of medieval intruments where used, such as the lute. flutes and early violins

Baroque Era

Approx. 1600 - Approx. 1760

heavily ornamented music following the renaissance era. many of the intruments used in this era are still relevant today. music was heavily influenced by the harpsichord

Classical music

Approx. 1730 - Approx. 1820

music aimed for simplicity and flow, in contrast to the Baroque era. heavy use of sring intruments.

Romantic Era

Approx. 1815 - Approx. 1910

linked to the literary and artistic period of Romanticism. Nacionalism in europe influenced this movement. piano replaced the harpsichord in this period. Music consisted of contrasting dynamics and emotion.


Approx. 1890 - Approx. 1930

a period of music with a heavy contrast to previous european music.

20th century Music

Approx. 1901 - Approx. 2000

this era consisted of many different styles of music and new electronic intruments where inroduced in mainstream music.