Chapter 7-8


The Virginia Dynasty

1800 - 1828

Jefferson Presidency

1801 - 1809

• 1800 – Jefferson running for presidency
- accused Federalists of betraying ideas of revolution
- Slaves were promised freedom (if they got info)
- Nobody really knew what exactly Jefferson had planned in his pledge
- Jefferson was: manipulative, cunning, deceptive
- Says one thing and does another
- Basically he said there was going to be a second American Revolution…. But nobody knew what that meant.

Marshall Court

1801 - 1835

Madison Presidency

1809 - 1817

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

Monroe Presidency

1817 - 1825

Panic of 1819


Agriculturally centered --> Industrially centered
Economic Collapse
-toxic assest cause banks to go bankrupt and that spirals a domino effect

The Missouri Compromise of 1820


Crisis over slavery

Monroe Doctrine


o Beginning of Presidential doctrines
o Deals with foreign policy
o Basis of American Foreign Policy
o Early 1820’s – Latin Revolutions against Spain and winning
o Addresses: What should Americas Position be concerning these newly independent countries
o Proclamation that Europe should stay out of Western Hemisphere and U.S wont get involved in European affairs.
o We really are excited about having weak neighbors in the south so we can manipulate so lets not get Europe involved.
o Last attempt to grab American Nationalism

Corrupt Bargain

  1. Corrupt Bargain (1824) o Electoral college o Buffer between the people and the presidency – electors can vote whatever way they want o Number comes from however many congress people you have plus o 1928 number was fixed o Constitution has a process of how we elect the President o What if nobody gets the necessary number of electoral votes? (270) • The House decides who will be President bc it is an elective body who is elected directly by the people. • Senate choose Vice-President bc the only power the vice-president only has the power over the Senate. o Jackson – 1st most votes Adams – 2nd most votes o Adams and Clay deal – Clay gets Adams chosen in house if makes secretary of state – vehicle to the White House. o Andrew Jackson had the most votes – did not win o Jackson destroys Adams Presidency o Jackson delivers democracy and promises a THIRD AMERICAN REVOLUTION