Lifeline of Katerina Green

Important Events


February 21, 1998

Woodstock General Hospital.

Carly was born

October 5, 1999

Woodstock General Hospital. Carly is my only sister and she has always been my best friend.

Burnt my hand

May, 2000

When my mom was running on the treadmill, I got my hands stuck under the track until my mom noticed me. I had third degree burns on my right hand and almost lost it. I had plastic surgery and I was never supposed to get the nerves back. The surgeries were successful and I was a poster child for my doctor.

Started Dance

September, 2002

I started dance at Woodstock Dance Academy where I danced for 2 years before I quit. I then started again in 2006 at On Your Toes for 1 year, then I switched to Elite for 2 years, then back to On Your Toes for the competitive team until 2013, and 2014 was my last year of dancing.

Started School

September, 2002

I started school in JK at Trinity Private School in Woodstock. Trinity played a huge role in my life and teaching me kindness, integrity and honesty.

First Week at Muskoka Woods

July, 2005

I went to Muskoka Woods the first year that I could for 1 week. I went with my best friends Brianne and Abby and I have returned every year for multiple weeks with Brianne every year since. This year her and I are going there for a leadership programe for 5 weeks.

Stock Market Crash

September, 2008

My family was affected by the stock market crash of 2008. My dad is a financial planner so the economy and stock markets play a huge role in his work. When the stock market crashed it caused a lot of pressure and stress on my family and that year we were on a spending freeze, which didn't affect me too badly because I was young, but I couldn't go to camp that year.

Changed Schools to Algonquin

September 2010

I changed schools to Algonquin in 2010 because I didn't have many friends at Trinity because it was so small. This was a big change from a school of 100 kids to 600+. I also had to redo grade 6, because I skipped a grade at Trinity and I wasn't allowed to in the public system.


August, 2013

I went on a mission trip to Nicaragua with my church. It was a life changing trip to see and work with the people in need there and I hope I can go back next year.

High School

September, 2014

I started high school at Huron Park.