Logistics History


Pyramides construction

2750 b.C - 2700 b.C

The ancient Egyptians used blocks of stone to build the pyramides

The invention of rowing vessels

360 b.C - 300 b.C

It permited navigate across the sea

Construction of the Mesquita in Cordoba, Spain

1199 - 1200

Big machinery was needed to transport the pillars of the Mosque.

The first postal service

1495 - 1500

In this period was created the first postal service.

The discovery of crude oil

1799 - 1800

The crude oil developed a new economic era

Logistics development

1939 - 1940

The logistics was improved with the world war II

Invention of the sea container

1955 - 1956

The creation of the sea container changed all industries with the new production conditions.

The special Importan of recruitments

1970 - 1980

Logistics was included as a fundamental part of recruitment companies.

Creation of new technologies

1989 - 1990

Many technologies were developed during the 1990s and applied by many retail and wholesale companies.


1999 - 2005

The companies entered a global competition in which logistics played a very important role