Origins of the Arab Israeli Conflict


1st Zionist Conference


Arab Conference



1914 - 1918

Mcmahon-Husseini corrospondence

October 1915

British diplomat- Sherriff of Mecca
It appears that the British after making commitments to the Arabs

Sykes-Picot Agreement

May 1916

British-France (Russia)
divide up the Middle East between themselves
Secret economic agreement

Balfour Declaration

November 1917

From Balfour (UK foreign secretary) to Lord Rothschild (wealthy British jew)
Pledge of support to Zionism, partly motivated by WW1, to gain support from wealthy Jews.

War ends

November 11 1918

Ottoman Empire destroyed. The dispute begins

King Crane Commission


Paris Peace Conference


British Mandate over Palestine

Approx. 1920 - May 15 1948

British overseeing of the region. Trying to bring stability to the region by overseeing. Not ownership but legal authority over it.
impacts: tensions in regards to Jewish immigration. Jewish response to this is terrorism- paramilitary groups. The British were unable to solve this problem. Through their changing favouritism, they upset everyone. As a result they have to end the mandate

San Remo Conference

19 April 1920

International meeting of the post-World War I allied nations
Resolutions included British Mandate

Arabs declare independance


Churchill speach


Trys to clear up confusion surrounding Balfour and White Paper.



Rise of Nazi Party

1933 - 1939

Rise of Hitler and Nazi party in Germany
Led to rise in anti-Semitism and increased Jewish immigration into Palestine

General Strike (Arab)


Arabs protesting the mandate.
strike - not going to work, not participating in society
ruin the whole thing until something happens

Peel Partition Plan


A plan put forward by a British minster to solve the problem in the Middle East. It is Splitting up of Palestine into an Arab and Israeli state.
Plan gets a poor reaction from Arab population because they get less land:population. This plan does not resolve the issue mostly because of Jerusalem

Arab Rebellion

1937 - 1939

crushed by the British

White Paper


Restricts Jewish immigration


1939 - 8 May 1945

Patria is sunk

November 1939

Evidence of illegal Jewish immigration

Jewish soldiers fight with British


"We will fight the White Paper as if there is no war, and fight the war as if there is no White Paper."-Ben Gurion

Extrordinary Zionist Conference

May 1942

held in NY to discuss holocaust etc.

British High commissioner killed

November 1944

Illegal Jewish immigration

August 1945 - May 1948

Jewish immigration had been restricted, 40,000 enter + 51,000 who failed to enter

King Davi Hotel bombed

June 1946

Headquarters of the british
Bombed by the Irgun, 91 killed

Partition accepted by the UN

November 29 1947

Jews declare Independance

May 14 1948

This happened the day before Mandate ended

War of LIberation/ Catastrophe

Approx. 15 May 1948

Liberation for the Jews
Catastrophe for the Arabs because they didn't get what they wanted
Began at the end of the mandate

British mandate ends

May 15 1948

Britain leave Palestine