Egyptian Revolution Timeline



January 25, 2011

The first day of demonstrations and protestors clash with the police. The police begin arresting demonstrators the next day.

Internet Shut Down

January 27, 2011

The Egyptian government shuts down the internet. Anonymous internet users help Egypt communicate via amateur radios.

Mubarak Sets Curfew

January 28, 2011

Mubarak speak and says that he will form a new government curfew set in all cities in Egypt.

Pesident Obama Speaks

January 30, 2011

President Obama urges an "orderly transition" to the Egyptian president to limit the amount of anger and violence arousing from protestors.

Egypt's New Government

January 31, 2011

Egypt's new government is announced and sworn in.


February 1, 2011

President Mubarak says he will not run for re-election. However, the people do not believe that is good enough and want Mubarak completely gone.

Internet Service Returns and Political Transition

February 2, 2011

Internet service returns to Egypt. Foreign ministry rejects all by U.S and Europe for political transition

Foreign Journalists

February 3, 2011

Foreign journalists rounded up in Egypt. A majority of them are beaten brutally due to rumors being spread about them that portray them as enemies.


February 4, 2011

"Day of Departure" protest is held across Egypt.

Rolling Party Leadership

February 5, 2011

Members of rolling party leadership resign.

Gathering in Tahrir Square

February 6, 2011

Thousands gather in Tahrir Square to honor those who were killed in protests.


February 6, 2011

Government agrees to concessions. Two sides discuss steps to ensure free media and communication.

Protests and Elections

February 8, 2011

Google executive, Wael Gohnim motivates more protests. The government authorizes amending Egypt constitution to allow for free an fair elections.


February 9, 2011

Widespread labor strikes through Egypt due to bread shortages. Also, the protestors refuse to communicate with the Vice-Presidents until Mubarak steps down.

Mubarak's Presidency Ends

February 10, 2011 - February 11, 2011

On February 10, Mubarak refuses to step down. The next day he resigns as president and leaves Cario.

End of Curfew and Emergency Law

February 11, 2011

Curfew ends and army states emergency law will be lifted.

Parliment is Dissolved

February 13, 2011

Egypt's military dissolves parliament due to the protestors' demands.

Prisoners are Released

February 20, 2011

All prisoners taken since January 25 are released.