Hatian Revolution Timeline


Slave Pact

August 12, 1791

A group of Creole and African slaves gather at Bois-Caiman. They make a pact with each other and the Voodoo priest, Boukman.

Rebellion Against Planters

August 21, 1791

Toussaint l'Overture leads a group of enslaved Africans in a rebellion against the planters.

Arrival of the British

January 1, 1793

British arrive to capture the slaves. However, the slaves manage to resist the British and French forces.

Touissant and others join French Republican Forces

August 29, 1793

Toussaint and thousands of other Africans join the French republican forces because they are promised that if they fight against royalists they would gain freedom. The Commissioner Leger-Felicite Sonthonax ended slavery in the colony afterwards.

Withdrawl of the Brittish

January 1, 1798

The British and French Forces withdraw from the battle against slave rebellions after multiple defeats.

Toussaint's capturing

January 1, 1802

Toussaint becomes the head of San Domingo. Napoleon feels threatened and sends Emmanuel Leclerc and 20,000 troops to capture Toussaint and re-establish slavery.

Haitian Flag

May 18, 1803

The red and blue Haitian flag is adopted at the Congress of Arcahaie.

Battle of Vertieres

November 18, 1803

Haiti wins it's independence from France in The Battle of Vertières. The battle is lead by Dessalines. Haiti attacked the French near Cap François and won victory over the French colonial army under General Rochambeau.

Dessalines appoints himself emperor

January 1, 1804

The north and south arenas defeat the French. Then Dessalines claimed the independence of Haiti and appoints himself emperor.

Haiti invades Santo Domingo

February 9, 1822

Haiti invades the Spanish colony of Santo Domingo and ends slavery there

Occupation of Santo Domingo Ends

February 27, 1844

The Haitian occupation of Santo Domingo ends