Development Of Physical Education


First Ancient Olympiad Is Held

Approx. 776 B.C.
  1. This games were closely linked to Religion.
  2. At the end of the games, the herald would announce the winner's name, their father's name, and their homeland.

Denmark's Bill Of Rights Establishes First Ever Mandatory Physical Education

Approx. 1814 A.D.

1: After Gymnastics had already been added to multiple schools, Schouboe decided to open up their own private Gymnastics school.

Catherine Beecher Founds Hartford Seminary For Girls

Approx. 1823 A.D.
  1. She opened it to provide educational opportunities for others.
  2. She wrote 3 Physical Education textbooks to use in her school.
  3. She would make all of the girls weigh their food before eating it.

Round Hill School Opens

Approx. 1823 A.D.
  1. In it's first 8 years it enrolled 293 students.
  2. It closed in 1834 due to financial difficulties.

Charles Beck Becomes First Teacher At Round Hill School

Approx. 1825 A.D.
  1. He became a part of the school in February 1824
  2. He was the first gymnastics teacher in the United States.

Normal Institute Founded In Boston

Approx. 1861 A.D.
  1. Founded by Dioclesian Lewis in 1961.
  2. He wanted to teach men and women how to teach his form of Gymnastics.
  3. Closed in 1968, but around 500 people finished training there.

California Becomes First State To Pass P.E. Legislation

Approx. 1866
  1. Senetor Denham knew that childhood obesity was a problem, so he wanted to change that.

James Naismith Invents Basketball

  1. He was a Canadian American sports innovator.
  2. He wrote the original Basketball rulebook.
  3. He developed basketball in late 1891, while teaching at YMCA.

First Modern Olympics Held In Athens, Greece

  1. The games had the largest international participation of any sporting event to that date.
  2. The Olympics did not return to Greece until the 2004 Summer Olympics.