Anna's Timeline


Anna's Lifespan

1975 - 2013

Checkups and Diagnoses

1st Medical Checkup


Anna is admitted to the hospital at the age of 14 months with a high fever, lethargy and extreme pain. She is diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia.
(Cardiovascular system)

2nd Medical checkup


Anna comes in at the age of 14 reporting of extreme fatigue and persistent thirst. She is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
(endocrine system)

3rd Medical Checkup


Anna has a cardiac workup done at age 37 and it is discovered she is tachycardic and and is prehypertensive.
(cardiovascular system)

4th Medical Checkup


Anna is given a blood workup at age 37 and is diagnosed with Hypercholesterolemia.
(Digestive system)

5th Medical Checkup


Anna is Admitted at age 38 for a sickle cell crisis. During her stay she contracted a UTI diagnosed by cloudy and pink urine, and a persistent need but inability to urinate.
(Urinary System)

Long and Short Term prevention

Ace Inhibitors

1975 - Approx. 2013

Anna was prescribed Ace Inhibitors to dilate her blood vessels, lowering her BP and lowering chance of a clot


1975 - Approx. 2013

Anna was prescribed Statins to manage her hypercholesterolemia and prevent blood clots


1975 - Approx. 2013

Anna had a stent inserted in her left anterior to prevent a blood vessel collapse.
(Note, length of event merely differentiates between short and longterm preventatives, and is not representative of when the preventative was actually implemented)

Take Aspirin


Thins the blood for a few hours, allowing for the blood to move more freely

Inject Insulin


Insulin will cause her cells to take in the glucose in her blood; thinning the blood further

Remaining calm


Attempting to calm yourself and succeeding can lower your blood pressure significantly. When stress levels rise, so does your heartbeat. A faster heartbeat often increases blood pressure