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Jackie Robinson Integrated Baseball


a major breakthrough of the color line in sports occurred when Jackie Robinson was brought up from minor leagues to major leagues to play on the Brooklyn Dodgers. He changed the view of americans toward African Americans playing baseball by being such an outstanding player

Integration of the Military


Since the beginning of the American military, it had been a struggle for African Americans and other races to prove that they are good enough to defend the nation.President Harry S. Truman issued Executive Order 9981, which declared “that there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion or national origin.”

Brown vs Board of Education


Ended legal segregation in schools

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott


Montgomery bus driver James Blake ordered Parks and three other African Americans seated nearby to move ("Move y'all, I want those two seats,") to the back of the bus. Rosa Parks said no. She was arrested.

Emmett Till Murdered


He was just a 14 year old African American boy. He was brutally murdered for flirting with a white woman four days earlier. The white woman's husband and her brother made Emmett carry a 75 pound cotton gin fan to the bank of the Tallahatchie River and ordered him to take off his clothes. The two men then beat him nearly to death, stabbed out his eye, shot him in the head, and then threw his body, tied to the cotton gin fan with barbed wire, into the river.

integration of central high school in little rock arkansas


the first day of school at Central High, a white mob gathered in front of the school, and Governor Orval Faubus deployed the Arkansas National Guard to prevent the black students from entering. A court case prevented this from happening. With the help of police escorts, the students successfully entered the school through a side entrance

Sit In-- Greensboro, North Carolina


Four African-American students of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University sat at a white only lunch counter inside a Greensboro. Protests started to grow fast and got bigger and bigger

Creation of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee


a group of black college students from North Carolina A&T University refused to leave a Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina where they had been denied service. This brought a wave of people to other sit-ins in college towns across the South. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

Freedom Riders


Tthe Freedom Riders set out for the Deep South to go against Jim Crow laws and call for change. They were met by hatred and violence and local police usually refused to come near them and confront them. But the Riders' efforts transformed the civil rights movement

Children's March


Rev. James Bevel led a group of kids to walk ten miles to protest against segregation in the most racist city at the time, Birmingham. They got arrested, attacked by police dogs, and hosed down by fire hoses.

Civil Rights Act


This civil rights act did not allow discrimination on the person's sex as well as race in hiring, promoting, and firing.

Voting Rights Act


It outlawed the discriminating voting of minorities in many southern states after the Civil War.

March from Selma to Montgomery


Martin Luther King led thousands of nonviolent minorities to the steps of the capitol in Montgomery, Alabama, after a 5 day, 54 mile march from Selma

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed


Jackson was beaten and then shot in the stomach by trooper James Bonard Fowler in a small protest. He died after 8 days in the hospital