Physical Education in Schools

First Teacher of Physical Education


Johann Friedrich Simon became the first ever physical education teacher by teaching his students gymnastics.

First curriculum of physical education in school


First it was only required in private schools then soon it became necessary in public schools as well.

First P.E. teaher in US

January 1, 1825

Charles Beck became fist P.E. teacher in US.

America College of Sports Medicine was founded


Created by doctors and physical educators to help promote a healthier life style to people and provide a new field of jobs

First International Congress of Physical Education Teahcers

6/24/2008 - 6/29/2008

The First International Congress of Physical and Health Educators took place in Petrozavodsk (Russia)

Greatest American Moments in Olymics

Jesse Owens wins gold in Germany


Hitler planed to show the world of Germany's power but Jesse Owens came back with a gold metal and National Hero

Miracle on Ice


United States team shocked everyone when they won gold in 1980 against the Soviet Union team that has won every Olympics since 1964.

Gymnast Mary Lou


American Mary Lou was first Non-Eastern to win all around gold

Runner Michael Johnson


American Michael Johnson was first person to win the 200 and 400 meter in the same Olympics

Swimmer Michael Phelps


American Michael Phelps won eight gold metals in one Olympics

Presidents Role

Formation of President's Concil on Physical Fitness


A council that informs the president about the health about all Americans, they are formed by the secretary of health and human services

First National Pilot Study for President Fitness Test


Conference for Presidents Fitness Test

September 9 1957 - September 10, 1957

It was held to decided what would be needed for students to pass the fitness test

Presidental Fitness award was created


President Lyndon B. Johnson created the Presidential Physical Fitness Award

Presidential Physical Fitness Test Replaced


It was changed to Presidential Youth Program rather then a test

Laws about Phyiscal Health and Education

Denmark Bill


Denmark Bill passed to establish the first mandatory physical education.

Public Schools in Califonia


First school in US to require physical exercise programs in public schools.

The Enactment of Public Law 90-170


A law that provides funds for research and training for physical education in public schools

Title IX law


A legislation that gave equal rights to women and girls an equal opportunities to compete in sports

Senate Bill 1876

November 1, 2010

establishment of physical education curriculum that requires at east 50% of the activities being done to be preformed at moderate to vigorous levels