The Cold War Ends Lindsay Bowman


Smith Act


Crippled the Communist party in the United States.

Truman's Speech

March 5, 1946

Behind the 'Iron curtain' The Soviet Union was installing communist government and police states and by crushing political and religious dissent.

The Truman Doctrine

March 12, 1947

Promised to aid nations struggling against communist movements .

Marshall Plan


The program provided food to reduce famine, fuel to heat houses and factories, and money to jump-start economic growth.

The Korean War


Communist and nationalist China leaders start a civil war. The Soviet backed up Mao Zedong and the United States backed Jiang Jieshi.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)


Provided the military alliance to counter Soviet expansion.

Berlin Airlift

May 1949

Demonstrated to West Berlin, the Soviet Union, and the world how far the United States would go to protect noncommunist parts of Europe and contain communism.

The Arms Race

September 2, 1949

Atomic weaponry sparked a new fire in the Cold War. It installed a new fear in Americans.

Warsaw Pact


The Soviet Union and its satellite states formed a rival military alliance.

The Space Race

October 4,1957

Soviet Union launched a 184 pound steel ball into orbit the Earth. The United States had the first man on the moon.

Vietnam War


Like Korea, Vietnam had a cicil war against communism. The Soviets backed the North and the United States the South. In the end Communist North Vietnam won.

Military Build Up


Reagan built up the United States military knowing the the Soviet Union could never catch up.



Nicaragua provided the Soviet Union 'safe-house' which was closer to the United States and posed a threat.



U.S. founded and trained the mujahadeen to help over throw the Soviets in their country.

Mikhail Gorbachev


New President of the Soviet Union. Glasnost and Perestroika helped show them something other than communism.