Civil Rights Movement (Copy)


Jackie Robinson integrates baseball

April 15 1947

This is really what started the civil rights movement. You had a black man playing a white mans game. That is what broke the ice for the color barrier.

Inteegration of the military

July 26 1948

Like Jackie robinson this also broke a color barrier allowing blacks to fight alongside whites in war.

Brown v Board of education

May 18 1954

This allowed blacks to give their view based on the education that there kids are receiving.

Emmet till murdered

August 28 1955

Emmett till was murdered due allegedly flirting with a white woman. This finally opened blacks eyes about the hate that whites had towards them.

Rosa Parks bus boycott

December 1 1955

The Rosa Parks bus boycott was really the first opportunity given to blacks as a chance to fight back against the segregation and hate.

Integration of central high school little rock arkansas

September 3 1957

Like the integrations before it this also broke the color barrier. But this one was the most affective. It allowed black and white children to attend the same school which had a very big affect on the civil rights movement.

Sit in Greensboro North Carolina

Approx. February 1960

Sit ins were a non-violent way that blacks could express themselves and not cause commotion.

Creation of student Non-violent coordinating committe

April 1960

The sncc prevented violence from white students to black students.

Freedom riders

May 4 1960

Freedom riders rode buses into more segregated parts of the south to express their feelings and viewpoints to the racists.

The Civil Rights Act

july 2 1964

The civil rights act outlawed any segregation against blacks.

Jimmy lee Jackson murdered

february 26 1965

When jimmy lee Jackson was murdered it made the blacks realize that even after the civil rights movement they are still being discriminated against.

The March from selma to Montgomery

March 25 1965

The march from Selma to Montgomery was the official date that blacks took a stand against the hatred and discrimination. It is what made the biggest impact on the civil rights movement.