Civil Rights Timeline


Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball


Jackie Robinson, an African American ballplayer, was brought up from the minor leagues and the nation was divided. Many whites and
blacks liked this move

Integration of the Military


President Harry S Truman, ordered a law in the integration of the military.

Brown vs. Board of Education


Mr. Browns daughter had to walk blocks and blocks to a rundown and dangerous school for black kids, when there was a perfectly good public school near the house. Brown sued and segregation nearly ended

Integration of the Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas


African Americans tried to enter Little Rocks Central High school and a fight broke out. Central high became a national and an international symbol of resistance to desegregation

Rosa Parks/Montgomery Bus Boycott


An African American woman by the name of Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on the bus. Meanwhile Montgomery began an bus boycott

Emmett Till Murdered


He was an African American 14 year old boy who got murdered for whistling at a white woman in Mississippi.

Creation of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)


It was a group that was preventing non violence from happening in the South, and try to end racism

Sit-In - Greensboro, North Carolina


Four African American students of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical university decided to eat at a store. They kept saying non violence

Freedom Riders


Seven blacks and six whites left Washington D.C on two public buses heading for the deep south, and they intended to test the Supreme Courts ruling.

Childrens March


This was a march in which hundreds of school students in Birmingham, Alabama walked downtown to talk to their mayor about segregation

Civil Rights Act


President Lyndon Johnson, passes an act that prohibited discrimination in public places

Voting Rights Act


President Lyndon Johnson, passed the voting rights act in which aimed to help prevent African Americans to vote

Jimmy Lee Jackson Killed


Jimmy Lee Jackson, an African American civil rights protester was shot and killed by Alabama state trooper, James Bonard Fowler.

March from Selma to Montgomery


Martin Luther King let thousands of non violent demonstrators to march to Montgomery, promoting SNCC and SCLC.