French Revolution- Madeline Anderson

Prior to the French Revolution

Rule of Louis XVI


He did not have the qualities that a french leader would need to have and he was not prepared for it at all. Louis wasn't interested in governing at all. He did little to improve the problems and had little contact with them as well. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette got married in 1770. Because Marie Antoinette was a member of the Austrian royal family, and austria was often an enemy to france she was unpopular. pg. 64 & 66

American Declaration of Independence


All Feudal Privileges Abolished


The French Revolution

The Oath of the tennis Court

June 1789

Third Estates broke with the other estates led by Count Mirabeau (speaker and leader) declared by its members decied that it would be known as the National Assembly- retreated to the Royal Tennis Courts angry after the king tried to lock up the site of their meeting. pg. 74-75

Fall the Bastille

July 1789

mob attacked the prison, killed the govenor, released the prisoners; symbolic destruction of it was important rallying point that represented the bringing down of authority pg. 75

October Days

October 1789

Crowds of women met in paris, deceided to march to versilles- joined with a bunch of others and they all followed by a distance, by Lafayette and the National gaurd. The king and Queen appeared and agreed to go bacj to paris.. pg. 76

Civil Constitution of the Clergy


There were cirtificates of money called assignts, they were redeemed when the church lands were sold. The new government belived it was useful for solving financial problems. pg. 77

Flight to Varennes


King and Queen and their children tried to escape from the country in disguise. Louis's motive was to obtain foreign aid in order to restore his monarchy. (worst thing possible) It proved that the monarchy would not support the democratic changes that had taken place and that they couldn't be trusted. The royal famliy was reconized at Varennes and taken to prisim. pg. 77

Monarchy Overthrown

august 1792

Convention Meets

october 1792

The convention decided that the king should be tried for his crimes against the country and excuted. pg. 83

Louis XVI Excecuted

january 1793

He had already been removed from the royal place, the king now called " Citizen Louis Capet" was tried for his crimes and was found guilty and was excecuted January 21st, 1793 pg. 83

Reign of Terror Begins

september 1793

the revolutionary government had amazing powers. It had a number of harsh laws to intimidate anyone who disagreed with the radical jacobins.
Law's of suspects = provided arrest for anyone of the noble family or who had held office before revolution. pg. 84

Marie Antoinette Executed

october 1793

The war and events made other people more suspicious of the royal family. Marie Antoinette was executed in october pg. 83

Fall of Robespierre Thermidor Period Begins

july 1794

Destroyed all opposition to the government and made massive changes in France. The army was made more efficient and new schools we set up to educate, He confinscated all of the properties of the emigres.
People started to fear dictatorship by Robespierre as France started to grow stronger. He was soon executed so then the Reign of Terror was over. pg. 84-85

The Directory First Meets


This is the end of the revolution as a middle class government is established where only people who own property can vote

After the French Revolution

Napoleon Crowns Himself Emperor


A new man who would establish a new type of monarchy pg. 85