Cival Rights Era


Jackie Robinson Intergrates Baseball


This event made people believe that there was a need for a change in the way African Americans were treated. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to able to playh on any sport team. Allowing him play broke the color line.

Intergration of the Military


The orders given by the president showed that he too was a supporter of the cival rights movements. The first war that blacks and whites fight together was the Korean war.

Brown vs. Board of Education (Final Ruling)


This case showed how important it was for African Americans. Schools became desegregated. This completly oveerlooked the idea of seperate but equal.

Emmit Till Murdered


Emmit Tills body showed the world the brutality blacks were having to face. This helped show all Americans that this brutallity must come to an end.

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

12/1/55 - 11/13/56

This shows how the whole community of African Americans came together to end cruelity to blacks everywhere in the U.S.

Intergration of Little Rock Central Highschool


The governor of little rock hated the idea of intergration. Instead he said “no school district will be forced to mix the races.” This showed how some people opposed the Presidents order. Instead. of letting the govener diobey his order, he sent in armed forces to escort the children in. This also showed how the president aided the cause of CIval Rights.

Sit-Ins Geensboro NC


Four African American students sat down at a resurant only for whites and refused to leave unless served. This was the beginning of a common protesting startegy during the cival rights movement.

Creation of SNCC (Non-Violent Coordinating Comitee)


The SNCC wanted to participate in marches and help direct many black voter registration drives. This organization was a big help during the Cival Rights Era

Freedom Riders


African American and white civil rights activists, took a series of bus trips through the south in busses to protest segregation.

Childrens March

5/2/63 - 5/5/63

The cruelity the children recieved at this march gained national attention and made people more interested in the ideas of the CIval Rights Movement

Cival Rights Act


These acts were toend racial, religious, and national segregation .these acts also did not allow the use federal funds to assist any discriminatory program.

Jimmie Lee Jackson Killed


The violence that occurred at the protest created the nickname “Bloody Sunday.” This caused many Americans began to favor civil rights.

March For Selma To Montgomery

3/7/65 - 3/25/65

When State Troopers showed up at the marches, they tried to stop in every way possible. President Johnson backed the marchers and allowed it to happen. He sent in armed forces for protection.

Voting Rights Act (Signed)


The Voting Rights ACt banned literacy tests for minorities and allowed officials to register voters from states that practiced discrimination.