SS6 World History

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Layer #1 grd 6

Early Humans

250000 Bc

This is when scientists first think that Humans were first formed.

When humans first arrived in the middle east.

100000 BC

The Neolithic Revolution

80000 BC

This is when humans started to form cities, farm, and tame animals.

Hammurabi’s Code

20000 BC

Abriham travles to Caanan

20000 BC

When humans first discovered fire

15000 BC

When Mesopotamain's first invented writing

3000 BC

Pyramids in Egypt

2500 BC

Life of Lao Tzu (founder of Daoism):

500 BC

Life of Confucius

500 BC

Life of the Buddah500 BC

500 BC

Life of Asoka (died at this date)

210 BC

Life of Asoka

200 BC

Life of Christ

0 AD - 33 Ad

Life of the Prophet Muhammad

570 AD - 632 AD

Ghana Empire

1000 AD - 1200 AD

Mali Empire

1200 Ad - 1400 AD

The Mongols

1200 AD

Indus Valley Civilization