Physical Education Through the Years


Johann Bernard Basedow

September 11, 1724 - July 25, 1790

Basedow was a German school instructor that contributed gymnastics and other activities into his physical education; beginning of P.E.

Friedrich Jahn

August 11, 1778 - October 15, 1852

Jahn, also known as "the father of gymnastics", taught his students activities and exercises outdoors. He taught his students certain things so they could protect themselves from outside forces; beginning of P.E.

Charles Beck

August 19, 1798 - March 19, 1866

Beck was the first physical education teacher in 1825 and contributed gymnastics into his teachings; beginning of P.E.

Beginning of Physical Education


Physical education is the study of human health, exercise, and activities and has become a required and regular part of today's schooling and lifestyle.

Physical Education in School


Physical education became a regular subject in primary school; P.E. in school.

National Collegiate Athletic Association


When the NCAA was made, colleges and students began taking more pride in their sports when athletic scholarships became available; institutes introduce P.E.; P.E. in school.

Physical Education in the 20th Century


P.E. became a main subject in secondary school.

Institutes Introduce P.E.


By 1950, more than 400 schools and institutions introduces majors in physical education.

Decline in Physical Education


During the Recession in the 20th century, schools focused more on academics than physical education, and P.E. became the least-important subject in school; P.E. in schools.