History of the Lightbulb

Humphry Davy Creates First Lightbulb

Approx. 1802

First lightbulb burns short because of a platinum filament

James Bowman Lindsay credited with inventing lightbulb

Approx. 1832

Warren De la Rue first uses vacuum tubes for lightbulbs

Approx. 1840

Fredereick de Moleyns gets First patent for lightbulb

Approx. 1841

The lightbulb that Edison perfected was patented.

Approx. 1874

Edison bought the rights to the patent

Joseph Swan displays his arc-light at a demonstration for 700 people


First Lightbulb Company is started

Approx. 1880

First building is completely powered with lights

Approx. 1881

Edison is accused of stealing Swan's idea

1883 - 1889

Ediswan, a collaboration company, is created


Edison tries to create a fluorescent light

Approx. 1896

First Tungsten lightbulb is created

December 12, 1904

Incandescent Lightbulbs are surpassed by fluorescent lights

2009 - 2014

History of Thomas Edison

Edison is born

February 11, 1847

Edison Creates the phonograph and gains popularity

Approx. 1877

Edison attempts to beat Bell to make the telephone

Approx. 1877 - Approx. 1878

First successful lightbulb test by Edison

Approx. 1879

Edison gets the patent for his perfected lightbulb

November 4, 1879

Edison Dies

October 18, 1931