Mr. Thomas History Timeline


African civilizations are colored red.... European civilizations are teal.... Middle Eastern civilizations are green.... Asian are blue.... South American are brown.... Southeastern Asia is black.... Indian are purple....Korean are pink... Japan is grey

Nile Valley Civilization

Approx. 3000 BC - 750 BC

in northern Africa, invented hieroglyphics, made accurate calendar, advances in math, science, and medicine

Indus Valley Civilization

Approx. 2500 BC - Approx. 1500 BC

in India, planned cities. sewer system. mysteriously disappeared

Shang Dynasty

1650 BC - 1027 BC

in China, used chariots. polytheistic. used oracle bones. used ideographs.

Zhou Dynasty

1027 BC - 700 BC

in China, believed in Mandate of Heaven (that a ruler was granted the right to rule by heaven).

Kingdom of Kush

750 BC - 200 AD

in northern Africa. learned to make iron from Assyrians. Developed own alphabet.

Roman Republic

509 BC - 44 BC

in Italy. was a republic where citizens elect officials to vote on laws

Persian Empire

500 BC - 330 BC

improved trade. became prosperous.

Maurya Empire

321 BC - 232 BC

The first empire in India. Asoka brought it to its height. he was a warlord until he converted to Buddhism.

Qin Dynasty

221 BC - 200 BC

united China. Built the Great Wall of China.

Han Dynasty

206 BC - 220 AD

in China. improved trade. created civil service system. invented seismograph (machine that measures earthquakes). advances in medicine. invented wheelbarrows, mill wheel, water clock, sundial. invented paper

Pax Romana

27 BC - 173 AD

The golden age of the Roman Empire

Roman Empire

27 BC - 476 AD

when Augustus Caesar became emperor he expanded the empire. united the lands around the Mediterranean. built roads.

Khmer Kingdom

85 AD - 1177 AD

In present day Cambodia. Hindu. built water systems to reduce flooding.

Kingdom of Axum

Approx. 100 AD - 940 AD

in Africa. conquered the Kush. traded spices, gems, and ivory. converted to Christianity.

Empire of Ghana

300 AD - 1200 AD

in Africa. strong gold trade. used iron.

Maya Empire

300 AD - 900 AD

in South America. used hieroglyphics. studied astronomy. developed most accurate calendar at the time. understood concept of zero.

Gupta Empire

320 AD - 535 AD

in India. art, math, and literature flourished. understood concept of zero.

Byzantine Empire

476 AD - 1453 AD

Tang Dynasty

618 AD - 907 AD

in China. peace. trade increased.

Umayyad Dynasty

661 AD - 750 AD

in the Middle East. discrimination against non-Arabs plagued the land.

Silla Kingdom

668 AD - 918 AD

united Korea. first of 3 dynasties in Korea. trade flourished.

Abbassid Dynasty

750 AD - 1258 AD

in the Middle East. united the Muslim world

European Feudalism

800 AD - 1400 AD

in Europe. powerful lords were granted fiefs, or land by the king. these lords ruled the peasants that lived on the land. the black death weakened the Feudal system and it collapsed.

Pagan Kingdom

849 AD - 1287 AD

in southeast Asia. Buddhist. became a tributary state to china.

Koryo Dynasty

918 AD - 1392 AD

in Korea. second of three dynasties. introduced Chinese civil service system.

Song Dynasty

960 AD - 1279 AD

in China. peace. increased trade. built navy. used magnetic compass.

Japanese Feudalism

1192 AD - 1868 AD

in Japan. lead by the shogun, Japan was at a constant state of war as warriors tried to take the throne.

Empire of Mali

1230 AD - Approx. 1400 AD

in Africa. Islamic. built mosques. traded gold.

Mongol Empire

1279 AD - 1368 AD

in China. built roads. improved trade

Ottoman Empire

1299 AD - 1923 AD

in the Middle East. captured Constantinople. lasted more than 500 years


Approx. 1300 AD - Approx. 1500 AD

in south Africa. center of gold trade. grew powerful. expert stone builders.

Ming Dynasty

1368 AD - 1644 AD

in China. over through Mongol Empire. revived Confucian. built Forbidden City. began Chinese isolation.

Choson Dynasty

1392 AD - 1910 AD

in Korea. last of three dynasties. Confucianism replaced Buddhism as system of ethics. Known as the "Hermit Kingdom" for its isolation.

Aztec Empire

1428 AD - 1521 AD

in South America. conquered many city-states and built elaborate temples.

Inca Empire

1438 AD - 1533 AD

in South America. was a great empire.

Empire of Songhai

1464 AD - 1591 AD

in Africa. established Timbuktu.

Safavid Empire

1501 AD - 1736 AD

rival to the Ottoman Empire. in the Middle East. known for tolerance.

Mughal Empire

1526 AD - 1876 AD

In India. When Indian and Muslim cultures blended. Built Taj Mahal.

Qing Dynasty

1644 AD - 1911 AD

united China.

Thai Dynasty (Thailand)

1782 AD - Approx. Present day

In Southeast Asia. The only country that didn't become a European colony.

Post-Feudal Japan

1868 AD - 1931 AD

Japan came out of isolation and began to rapidly modernize. but, the Great Depression hit Japan hard and a group of military leaders took power.

Chinese Republic

1911 AD - 1949 AD

The Qing Dynasty collapsed and the Chinese Republic was founded but the government was weak and China was in disarray until 1928


1947 AD - Approx. Present day

After the military took power they began to expand to create an empire. but, after their loss in WWII, Douglas MacArthur took the power away from the military leaders and set up a democracy.

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

1948 AD - Approx. Present day

Korea split when communist and non-communist groups struggled for control of the government. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea was the northern communist country

Republic of Korea

1948 AD - Approx. Present day

Korea split when communist and non-communist groups struggled for control of the government. The Republic of Korea was the non-communists in the southern half of Korea

People's Republic of China

1949 AD - Approx. Present day

After the government was over thrown Mao set many reforms and regulations. But many of the reforms failed. After Mao's death, Xiaoping took power and made more reforms but they were more successful.


1949 AD - Approx. Present day

After years of being a colonel for Britain, India won its independence. It made a constitution and created the Indian parliament. But, rivalries between Islam and Hinduism have made peace difficult.


1975 AD - Approx. Present day

When the US withdrew from Vietnam, the communists in the north took over the south and united Vietnam but they still struggle economically.


Buddha starts teaching

560 BC

Confucius starts teaching

528 BC

Socrates starts teaching

485 BC

Plato starts teaching

479 BC

Alexander the Great begins his conquest

334 BC

Asoka takes power

269 BC

Jesus is born

0 AD

Muhammad starts teaching

622 AD

Mansa Musa takes power

1312 AD

Sunni Ali takes power

1464 AD

Akbar takes power

1556 AD

Ganghi begins teaching

1920 AD


First code of law

1700 BC

King Hammurabi developed the first code of law in Babylon

Julius Caesar is assassinated

44 BC

Christianity becomes the official religion of Rome

395 AD

First Crusade

1095 AD - 1099 AD

Second Crusades

1147 AD - 1149 AD

Third Crusade

1187 AD - 1192 AD

The Black Death spreads

1346 AD

Columbus discovers America

1492 AD

Sikhism emerges

Approx. 1500 AD

Protastant Reformation

1517 AD

Opium War

1839 AD

The British sold opium to the Chinese and many Chinese people got addicted. so, to counter the British the Chinese destroyed ships carrying opium

Industrial Revolution

1850 AD

Treaty of Kanagawa

1854 AD

a treaty that let America trade with Japan.

Sepoy Rebellion

1857 AD

Suez Canal Built

1869 AD

Boxer Rebellion

1900 AD

World War I

1914 AD - 1918 AD

World War II

1939 AD - 1945 AD

Vietnam War

1965 AD - 1969 AD