Recent History of Ireland


King Henry VIII is voted King of Ireland by Irish-dwelling Englishmen.


He goes against Catholicism.

King James I sends Protestant farmers to take over Catholic land.


This occurs mostly in the north.

New ordinances disenfranchise Catholics.

1692 - 1829

These laws prevent them from voting, owning land, or practicing their own religion.

Great Potato Famine

1845 - 1849

A potato blight kills off Ireland's staple food crop. Approximately a million people die from starvation and fever.

The Easter Rebellion


Armed Irish troops rebel against British forces in Dublin on Easter Monday.

The Anglo-Irish War

1919 - 1921

At the treaty, Britain lets go of most of Ireland, but holds on to Northern Ireland.

Irish Civil War

1921 - 1923

The civil war was between supporters of the British treaty and the Irish Republican Army.

Britain declares Northern Ireland a permanent British territory.


Irish Republic is free from British rule.

Bloody Sunday


13 anti-British protesters are shot and killed in Londonderry. They were unarmed.

Good Friday Agreement


Between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Euro replaces the punt as Irish currency.


Irish is declared a working language.

2005 - 2006

Irish government announces plans to make Ireland a fully bilingual nation, speaking both Irish and English fluently.