The Bay of Pigs


The Cuban Revolutionary War

1949 - 1959

Cuba at this time had the president Fulgencio Batista. With the revolutionary war in progress the leader of this was Fidel Castro. Before this war, Cuba had strong ties with America in resources. Later the Cuban Revolutionary War was won and Castro then became the Prime Minister.

The Decision

March 1960

With Castro's decisions in making deals with the Soviet Union, the U.S grows strong with concern of how Castro is using his power. With this in mind U.S president Eisenhower plans to have the C.I.A overthrow Fidel Castro and his government on April 13, 1960.

America Gets Cut Off

March 1960

Since Cuba was a gold mine in resouces and materials, the U.S has been making deals with Cuba for awhile now. But since Fidel Castro is now in charge and the cold war is happening at this time, Castro starts making deals with the Soviet Union in crude oil for Ameican oil refineries. America finds out and does not approve this action so cuts off all relations.

Counter Attack

April 1960

With the airfields being bombed this strongly alerted the nearby militias to get ready for the attack. On April 20, 1960, the U.S troops finally surrendered, then terrogated out in public, and later sent back to the U.S.

The Invasion

April 1960

On April 13, 1960, 1,400 paramilitries were sent out by boat headed towards Cuba. On April 15, 1960 the C.I.A sent B-26 bombers to bomb the Cuban Airfields to make room for our arrival. On the night of April 16 our boats of the 1,400 paramilitries have arrived.

Alternate Ending

April 23 1960

The Americans knew they were defeated. They surrendered and the Cuban military kept them for questioning before getting direct orders from Castro to kill them. They were publicy executed by Castro for trying to invade his country. The pesident, in response, asked congress to go to war, which they did. They needed to show communism could not stand and knew that Castro killed the Americans to strengthen his ties with the USSR. America launched a full scale assualt on cuba and the war then spread into Europe. The war then escalated and other countries were eventually involved for moral reasons. With all of Europe and America at war, China thought they could be allies and wage war against America and eventually nucleur weapns were used to this left most of the civilized world in ruins. With the irradiated and the only remains of human civilizatin being small island countries other secluded peoples. With the smartest people of the land unusable, humanity was doomed.