Timeline of Israel


The Patriarchs : Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph

1900 BCE - 1700 BCE

Iraelites in Egypt and Captivity

1700 BCE - 1250 BCE

Exodus,Conquest of Canaan, Rulr of the Judges

1250 BCE - 1026 BCE

United Kingdom of Israel under Saul, David, and Solomom (First Temple Built)

1026 BCE - 928 BCE

Divided KIngdom

928 BCE - 722 BCE

Northern Kingdom (Israel, Capital Samaria) exiled in 722 by Assyrians

722 BCE

First Temple Desroyed

586 BCE

Southern Kingdom(Judah, capital Jerusalem) exiled in 586 by Babylonians

586 BCE

Cyrus the Great allows the return of the Jews to Israel

539 BCE

Elohist Creation Sttory, Tower of Babel

539 BCE

Second Temple Built

516 BCE

Alexander the Great takes Jerusalem

332 BCE

Antiochus IV Epiphanes

175 BCE

Pompey the Great (Rome) takes Jerusalem

63 BCE

Herod the Great expands the Temple Mount, Western Wall created

19 BCE

Yeshua of Nazareth is born