History of TSCA and TSCA Reform


Public and Government Concern Over Toxic Chemicals

Approx. 1960 - Approx. 1975

A series of pesticide and chemical scares heighten public and government concern over chemicals.

First Chemicals Regulation Bill Drafted

Approx. 1970

Clarence (Terry) Davies and Charles L. Lettow draft a chemicals regulation bill. Received sharp resistance.

Report "Toxic Substances" Released

Approx. 1971

The Center for Environmental Quality release this influential report explaining the need for Federal law governing chemicals.

Weakened Chemicals Regulation Bill Drafted

Approx. 1971

This draft of the chemicals regulation bill died in 1972.

TSCA Passed

Approx. 1976

Gave EPA authority to require industry reporting, record-keeping, and testing of chemical substances. Partially a result of the Kepone Disaster and new administration.

Corrosion Proof Fittings vs. EPA

Approx. 1991

Court case that concluded that EPA did not have the authority to ban asbestos under TSCA Section 6.

Committee Hearings to Strengthen TSCA

Approx. 1992

The committee hearings never resulted in a draft bill being presented to Congress.

Safe Chemicals Act of 2010 Introduced

Approx. 2010

Safe Chemicals Act of 2011

Approx. 2011

Safe Chemicals Act of 2012 Introduced

Approx. 2012

Safe Chemicals Act of 2013 Introduced

Approx. 04/2013

Chemical Safety Improvement Act Introduced

Approx. 05/2013

Chemicals in Commerce Act Introduced

Approx. 2014

Introduced by Rep. John Shimkus