Hockey Timeline



1000 bc - 1800

Skates have been used since 1000bc. They used to be made of bones.

The Start

Approx. 1800 - Approx. 1850

Hockey evolution started with the Irish field game of "Hurley." Hurley came to Canada specifically Nova Scotia, Hurley was an all around season but it bed American very difficult to play in the winter. Boys at "King College" in Nova Scotia thought of " Hurley on ice." This game stuck around in Nova Scotia for approximately 50 years.


1800 - 1900

Equipment was evolving with the sport at the beginning of hockey skates just strapped to your boots they were about 1$ for " Star Skates" and hockey sticks were 0.25$ . Not two sticks were ever the same. For jerseys a wool sweater was used

Hurley on ice

Approx. 1850 - Approx. 1900

Hurley on ice started to move, it move from east to west across the country. Hurley on ice was also called "shinny" and/or "rickets". In the early 1870's an engineer named James Creighton taught his friends from McGill how to play this game called Hockey ( this name was given in the "Royal Canadian Rifles" officer) that he was taught in Nova Scotia. In 1870's the first organized hockey game was ready to be played in Montreal. James Creighton made the " Halifax Rules" these rules consisted of the rule 9 players on each team. Hockey became a very popular game in Montreal, James Creighton moved to Ottawa and started Ottawa's first hockey team called the "Rideau Hall Rebels" in about 1887. In about the same time kingston started their first amateur hockey team. Ontario finally had 4 hockey teams.

First women hockey game

1890 - 1891

The first ever female hockey game was played in Barrie.

Stanley Cup

1892 - 2014

In 1892 Lord Stanley, Earl of Preston and Governor General of Canada gave the amateur hockey teams a cup to battle for. The first ever team to win the Stanley cup was the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association in 1893. The Stanley cup is still used to this date.

Ice Rink

1894 - 1995

The first artificial ice rink was built in Baltimore.

Winning streak

1895 - 1898

The Montreal Victorias won the Stanley cup for 3 years straight.

Western Division

1896 - 1897

The Winnipeg Victoria's were the first team from the western division to win the Stanley cup.

Goal Net

1900 - 1901

The first goal net was introduces shortly after the goal post were.


1917 - 2014

The NHL started with 5 team consisting of Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Toronto Arenas, Quebec Bulldogs and Ottawa Senators. The first NHL team to win the Stanley cup was the Toronto arenas. After a couple years in 1926 the NHL had then gained control over the Stanley cup and it could only be won by NHL teams.

First NHL Goal

1917 - 1918

The first NHL goal was scored by Dave Ritchie of the Montreal Wanderers against the Toronto Arenas.

Dave Ritchie

1917 - 1918

Dave Ritchie scored the first goal in NHL history.

Stanley cup 1919

1919 - 1920

There was actually no Stanley cup winner in 1919!!

The last game

1922 - 1923

The last 7 on 7 game took place in 1922, Toronto st. Patrick's played the Vancouver millionaires and beat them 6-0. Each team had their 7th player, playing as a rover.


1924 - 1925

Ice hockey was official and Olympic sport!

New Rules

1927 - 1928

Before this time forward passes were not allowed. You could only pass backwards

More Rules

1929 - 1930

The offside rule was officially created.

Maple Leaf Gardens

1931 - 1932

The Maple Leaf Gardens was built during the Great Depression of Canada. That in itself is a huge accomplishment.

Square Clocks

1932 - 1933

The Maple Leaf Gardens is the first arena to have a square clock.

Penalty shots

1934 - 1935

When penalty shot were introduced they were very different from now. You took the shot from the red line (half).

The original six

1942 - 1967

Many teams came and left the NHL. They final came to the original six this consisted of Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks. These teams stayed until and passed the expansion of 1967.

Gordie Howe

1946 - 1980

Gordie Howe made a record in all sports for most seasons played! He played a total of 32 seasons! His said to be best seasons was when he was 48!! He played for two teams, the Detroit red wings and the Hartford whalers.


October 1 1946 - October 2 1946

Referees began using hand signals to call penalties.


1949 - 1950

The first self propelling Zamboni was created in 1949 by Frank Zamboni.

Evolution of equipement

1950 - 2001

In about 1958, the curved sticks were invented by Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita. Sticks were before this time always straight. After Jacques Plante was hit in the face with a pick he decided the next season he would wear a goalie mask. Hockey were not a necessary until about the 1970's. They then became mandatory for the NHL in the season of 1979-80.

First Televised Hockey game

1952 - 1953

The first televised broadcast of hockey was Montreal vs. Detroit.

Don Cherry

1954 - 1955

Don Cherry had a long minor league career but only actually played one NHL game. He laced up his skates for one playoff game for the Boston Bruins.

Hall of fame

1956 - 1957

The Montreal Canadian team from 1956 had 12 hall of famers.

Willie O'Ree

1958 - 1959

Willie O'Ree was the first black man to ever play in the NHL.

Like Father Like Son

1965 - 1991

The only father son award to happen by chance is the MVP award, it was given to Bobby Hull the to his son.

Bobby Orr

1966 - 1975

Bobby Orr is said to be one of the best players to step foot on ice. He was first signed to the Boston Bruins in 1966 with a two year contract. Later that season he had missed 8 games due to his first knee injury. In 1967 he again hurt his knee and had it in a cast for 5 weeks. In 1968 he signed a 3 year contract with the bruins. At the age of 30 her retired from his professional hockey career.

NHL expansion

1967 - 1970

In 1967 the NHL added six new teams, these were Minnesota North Stars, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, California (Oakland) Seals, St. Louis Blues and the Los Angeles Kings. In 1970 an other two teams were added the Vancouver Canucks and Buffalo Sabres.

First million dollar contract

1971 - 1972

Bobby Orr received the first million dollar contract in 1971 with the Boston Bruins.


1972 - 1973

The brawl of 1972, Billy Coutu was suspended from the NHL for life. This is because he punched a ref in the head.

Animal killers

1974 - 1975

The Buffalo Sabres are the only team to have record to kill an animal during a game.


1975 - 1976

OWHA (Ontario women's hockey assoiation was officially founded.

Wayne Gretzky

1979 - 1999

In some people's opinion the best player to ever step on the ice. His stats are mind blowing, he play 20 seasons of the NHL and won the Scoring Title 10 times, MVP 9 times, the Stanley Cup 4 times. He is the only player to have scored 200 goals in one seasons, not only did he do this but he did it 4 times.

Paul Coffey

1984 - 1985

Paul Coffey of the Edmonton Oilers set an NHL record for defencemen with 37 points in the playoffs.

Kris drapper

1993 - 1994

Kris Drapper was trade from the Winnipeg jets to Detroit red wings for a single dollar. It was the best investment in NHL history.

Women Olympics

1998 - 1999

Women ice hockey officially became an Olympic sport!

The number 00

1998 - Current.

The number 00 was outlawed in the season 1998//99.

Hockey pucks

March 18 2002 - March 19 2002

Getting hit with a puck can kill. March 2002 a girl was at Columbus blue jackets game when getting hit with the puck killed her.

Sidney Crosby

2005 - Current date.

Sidney Crosby plays for the pittsburgh penguins and has sinceBy the end of that season he was named as the leagues best young player. He scored 102 points in his first pro season. In 2007 he was named the leagues youngest captain. In 2009 he led his team to the first Stanley cup since 1992.


2013 - 2014

There are 64 goalies in the NHL.

Save %

2013 - 2014

Tuukka Rask is leading with save percentage with .928%.

shut out

2013 - 2014

Tuukka Rask has the most shutouts in round 3 with 2.


2013 - 2014

There are about 344 players in the NHL.

most points

2013 - 2014

Anze Kopitar is leading with most points in round 3.

best plus-minus

2013 - 2014

Tanner Pearson has the best plus minus in round 3 with 10.

most goals

2013 - 2014

Marian Gaborik is leadin with most goals in round 3.

San Jose vs. Los Angeles

2013 - 2014

San Jose Vs. Los Angeles played against each other in first round playoffs.

Chicago vs Minnesota

2013 - 2014

Chicago vs. Minnesota played against each other in second round playoffs.

Chicago and Los Angeles

2013 - 2014

Chicago and Los Angeles are playing round 3 now. Series at 1-3 for L.A

Colorado vs. Minnesota

2013 - 2014

Colorado vs. Minnesota played against each other in first round playoffs.

St.Louis vs. Chicago

2013 - 2014

St. Louis vs.Chicago played against each other in first round playoffs.

Dallas vs. Anahiem

2013 - 2014

Dallas vs. Anaheim played against each other in first round playoffs.

Anaheim vs. Los Angeles

2013 - 2014

Anaheim vs. Los Angeles played against each other in second round playoffs.

Boston vs. Detroit

2013 - 2014

Boston vs. Detroit they played each other in first round playoffs.

Tampa Bay vs. Montreal

2013 - 2014

Tampa Bay vs. Montreal they played each other in first round playoffs.

Pittsburgh vs.Columbus

2013 - 2014

Pittsburgh vs. Columbus they played each other in first round playoffs.

New York vs. Philidalphia

2013 - 2014

New York vs. Philadelphia they played each other in first round playoffs.

Boston vs. Montreal

2013 - 2014

Boston vs. Montreal played against each other in second round playoffs.

Pittsburgh vs. New York

2013 - 2014

Pittsburgh vs. New York played against each other in second round playoffs.

Montreal vs. New York

2013 - 2014

Montreal vs. New York they are currently playing each other in third round playoffs the series is at 2-3 for New York.