My Journey through High School


Freshmen Year

08/23/2010 - 06/09/2011

My first year in Lynbrook.

Frosh/Soph Basketball season

11/29/2010 - 2/18/2011

The one year I was on the LHS Frosh/Soph Basketball team. It wasn't the best of experiences, but I definitely learned some lifelong lessons while I was on the team.

Sophomore Year

08/22/2011 - 06/08/2012

My second year in high school.

Junior Year

08/20/2012 - 06/07/2013

A lot happened this year for me:
My first year as a member of the LHSMB leadership team
My first MB solo on the mellophone
The beginning of the Pink BowTies
Week long trip to France with the Wind Ensemble

UIUC Aerospace Institution

07/20/2013 - 07/28/2013

I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for a week long college program on aerospace engineering. While there we took lessons from graduate students on rocket and jet propulsion, aerodynamics, nanotechnology, fluid dynamics, and many other courses. We also got the opportunity to use our new skills to make our own rocket and glider. The highlight however, would have been when we were allowed to fly a four seater Piper Archer III airplane (along with certified flight instructors of course).

Senior Homecoming!!

Approx. 08/2013 - 10/10/2013

The one year I took part in the Class of 2014's Homecoming skit and dances.

Senior Year

08/19/2013 - 06/06/2014

My final year in high school

Accepted to UIUC


Marching Band

Marching Band is easily my biggest extra curricular activity in high school. I spent all 4 years in the Lynbrook High School Marching Band, 2 of which were as a soloist and a member of the Leadership Team.

Marching Band Camp

08/09/2010 - 08/20/2010

First high school activity I took part in. Made my first friends at Lynbrook here.

1st Marching Band Competition Season

09/25/2010 - Approx. 11/2010

My first competitive Marching Band season. We competed in a total of 5 competitions.

Second Marching Band Camp

08/08/2011 - 08/19/2011

My sophomore year Marching Band camp. This time, I was the veteran marcher, and it was my first experience teaching incoming freshmen how to get into the groove of things during the MB season.

2nd Marching Band Competition Season

10/1/2011 - Approx. 11/22/2011

3rd Marching Band Competition Season

Approx. 08/2012 - 11/28/2012

First season as a soloist and a member of the leadership team.

3rd Marching Band Camp

08/06/2012 - 08/17/2012

This was my first band camp as a member of the leadership team.

Final Band Camp

08/05/2013 - 08/16/2013

4th and Final MB Competition Season

10/05/2013 - Approx. 11/28/2013

BOA Competition in SoCal

11/09/2013 - 11/10/2013

Pink BowTies

The Pink BowTies is a performing horn quartet that I am a part of. The quartet kind of just came into existence in my junior year, and together the four of us have shared some great experiences.

The Beginning


During the Winter Concert of my Junior Year, the LHS Wind Ensemble French Horn section randomly chose to wear paper pink bow ties on stage while we performed. From that point on, we became known as the Pink BowTies, and performed at many different occasions at many different venues.

Performance at Christmas in the Park (downtown San Jose)

Approx. 12/29/2012

We went down to Christmas in the Park at downtown San Jose and decided to play Christmas and other Pop music for everyone to enjoy!

Sending Love to Myanmar Charity Concert at SCU


We performed at a Charity Concert for the GYP Charity organization.

Christmas performance at Santana Row


Rather than playing at Christmas in the Park, we chose to perform at Santana Row this year. I think these holiday performances are going to become an annual thing from now on.

Performance at All-State Convention at Fresno

02/16/2014 - 02/17/2014

We were chosen to perform as an exhibition chamber group at the Fresno All-State Convention this year.

CMEA Solo and Ensemble performance


Performed at SJSU for the CMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival

LHS Band Program

I have been a dedicated member of the LHS Music Department, and have shared some great experiences with everyone in this department.

Switched Instruments from Trumpet to French Horn

Approx. 10/2011

This may be a small detail in the grand scheme of my life, however I believe that this decision to switch instruments opened many new doors to many different opportunities in my life.

France Tour

04/13/2013 - 04/20/2013

The LHS Wind Ensemble took a week long tour of France, where we performed at the Bayeux Cathedral in Normandy, the Paris Conservatory of Music, and the El Madeleine in Paris. We also visited the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Palace of Versailles and many other places.


First Build Season

02/2012 - 03/2012

Although I was never a thoroughly active member in Robotics, I did attend a decent amount of meetings, and put some hours in during the build season.

2nd Build Season

Approx. 02/2013 - Approx. 03/2013