Vietnamese Shifts in Power


First Chinese Domination of Vietnam

Approx. 111 BC

China's Han Dynasty had seized control of of the Nanyue Kingdom which is now part of North Vietnam. This event marked the beginning of the Bắc thuộc Era which consists of multiple back and forth control of Vietnam.

Rebellion of the Trưng sisters

Approx. 40 AD

The Vietnamese had fought to push out the Chinese and succeeded under the guidance of the Trưng sisters.

Second Chinese Invasion of Vietnam

43 AD

The Han Dynasty of China had returned to reclaim the land and end the Trưng sister's control of Vietnam and strengthened its control in the area.

Beginning of the Lý dynasty

544 AD

The end of the ruling of the Chinese had been brought about by who is known as the first emperor of Vietnam, Lý Nam Đế.

Sui–Lý War

602 AD

A war had broken out between the Sui Dynasty of China and the Ly Dynasty of Vietnam. It had escalated when the cousin of Lý Nam Đế had delayed his attendance in the Chinese court and rebelled in 602AD. The war shifted the power from the Ly Dynasty to the Sui Dynasty.

Tang Dynasty

618 AD

The power then shifted from the Late Sui Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty of China.

Ngô Dynasty

939 AD

Ngô Quyền had risen to power in Vietnam and took advantage of the weakened grip the Chinese had on Vietnam by proclaiming its independence.

Period of the 12 Warlords

966 AD

King Ngô Quyền had died and the uprising of twelve warlords had come causing many civil wars and conflicts to take place in Vietnam.

Đinh dynasty

968 AD

Đinh Hoàn had created a new Dynasty after the extermination of the 12 warlords

Early Lê dynasty

980 AD

Le Dynasty took over after the last emperor of the Dinh Dynasty had ceded the throne to Lê Hoàn.

Rebirth of the Lý dynasty

1009 AD

Lý Thái Tổ had overthrown the Early Le Dynasty and taken control of Vietnam for himself.

Trần dynasty

1225 AD

Trần Thủ Độ had brought about the dethroning of the Ly Dynasty and got his nephew Trần Thái Tông to ascend the throne and become emperor.

Battle of Bạch Đằng

1288 AD

Đại Việt had fought the decisive battle against Yuan Dynasty at Ha Long Bay and stopping the Mongol Invasions thereafter.

Hồ dynasty

1400 AD

Hồ dynasty came to power.

Ming–Hồ War

1406 AD

The war started with the Ming dynasty helping a rival faction of the Ho Dynasty fight them.

fourth Chinese domination

1407 AD

Vietnam had fallen into the hands of the Ming dynasty after the Ming-Ho war.

Return of the Lê Dynasty

1428 AD

Lê Lợi had driven the Ming army out of Vietnam and was coronated and given the throne.

Tây Sơn dynasty

1770 AD

Beginning of a chaotic anarchy-like era. This period of time was named after its leaders, the Tây Sơn brothers. This Era is comprised of rebellions from the poor and decentralized dynasties.

Nguyễn dynasty

1802 AD

Emperor Gia Long had defeated the Tay Son Dynasty and claimed the throne to Vietnam for himself, thus creating the Nguyễn dynasty.

Việt Minh

1941 AD

Formed in hopes of gaining national independence from invading countries.