The Social History of America


The Thirteenth Amendment

January 31 1865

The Thirteenth Amendment first abolished slavery, it made any forced labor illegal in the United States. This cut down the labor in the cotton industry due to the elimination of many of the plantation owners owning slaves.

Telephone was invented

March 10 1876

Alexander Graham invented the first telephone, the first words he spoke into his phone were “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.” This was a huge innovation for the entire world. The world was finally capable of communicating with each other on a quicker and easier basis. However not everyone had a telephone at that time.

Immigration from Europe

January 1 1880 - January 1 1930

Many people from Europe begin to immigrate to the United States looking for a change, they wanted to be draped in liberty and bathe in the freedom that the United States offered. However they were not treated fairly and were given low paying jobs.

Plessy V. Ferguson trial

May 18 1896

Plessy v. Ferguson, was a trial between an African American man and a White man. This was the trial to see if that African Americans deserved the same privileges as White Americans in the United States. This was due to the laws known as the Jim Crow Laws in the south, after this trial was taken to the Supreme Court, it was ruled that the Jim Crow laws were perfectly fine in the United States.

WWI Begins

August 4 1914 - 1918

WWI begins all due to the tension of the European countries, they all are trying to be the biggest and baddest in the world so they build up their military, alliances, boost up their nationalism and then take over anything and everything in their path. The tip of the iceberg is when the leader of Austria- Hungary, Franz Ferdinand, is assassinated by his own people yet they blamed the enemy. So this started the alliances to gang up with each other and BAM! War!

The United States Joins WWI

April 1917 - November 11 1918

After intervening on a disturbing telegram, The Zimmerman Telegram, that was a plan from Germany for Mexico to declare war on the United States caused us to enter this battle after several years of isolation. The United States begins to fight the Germans by becoming Allies with their good friends the French and the British. The United States ends up whipping Germany and their buddies and created the Treaty of Versailles.

19th Amendement

August 18 1920

After many years of wanting a say in the government, women gain their right to vote. This gave more of an impact when it came to voting because women can put an input for the changes that they want and it could benefit them more when they in future have to vote for things that involve them.

Great Depression

October 29 1929 - 1939

On October 29th, 1929 the United States plummits into a depression suddenly after the beloved stock market crash. The economy is at an all time low and needs to be brought up. Everyone is poor and practically living on the street.

WWII Begins

September 1 1933

Another war breaks lose in Europe, all because little Germany did not like the agreement that they had to sign so immediately after they take over Poland after we told them to stop, the world begins to fight, except the Americans of course because they hate drama.

Elvis Presley is Born

January 8 1935

This was the year that The King was born. Need I explain more?

Pearl Harbor Attacked

December 8 1941

This brought the United States into another war they were trying to avoid. Except it was not Europe this time, It was Japan. This was time for the sleeping giant to kick some butt and we do after our little friend the A-bomb is created.



WWII Comes to an end leaving the whole world in shambles, except the United States which left us as a breeding ground for success and money.

Morgan v. Virginia


The NAACP notices that there is some unfair things going on with the whole segregation ordeal so they take it to the supreme court that the segregation on public transportation is unconstitutional. These are the little steps towards the changes with Civil Rights

Brown v. Topeka


This was a trial again to test the civil rights movement. The Brown family wanted their daughter to go to the local school however it was an all white school so they push their case all the way to the Supreme Court and win thus making those silly Jim Crow laws about being segregated okay to this is illegal and unjust so all schools or anything actually should be desegregated.

John F. Kennedy Is Elected as President

January 22 1960

John Fitzgerald Kennedy is elected as our president, not for the strong words that he had but for his super attractive looks. Many however saw that he would be good enough for the United states to contain the one fear that they all had, Communism.

First Televised Presidential Debate

September 26 1960

The first televised presidential debate was a major turn in how the race to be president worked. It was an easy method for people to watch the two candidates and actually see who they were going to vote for. In this case it was a pro for the handsome John F. Kennedy because he had the nation swooning over his good looks. However Nixon knew what to talk about due to more experience. Yet his opponent beat him with being pretty.

Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream" Speech

august 28 1963

At the Lincoln Memorial Martin Luther King gave his famous speech pleading for equality and that African Americans and White should get along for the future of our nation. This was the largest gathering for a speech. His speech left an impact on the United States and changed our look on racism.

President Kennedy Assassination

Approx. November 22 1963

The Assassination of President Kennedy was committed on November 22, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald, a hardcore communist and a crazy man. Kennedy was shot while he was in his motorcade visiting the one state that he needed to vote him in, Texas. Many did not like Kennedy because he was rich catholic democrat and the conservative republicans did not like his "New Ideas" such as civil rights.

Beatles Appear on The Ed Sullivan Show

February 9 1964

This was a very important day for many of the American Beatles fans, this was the first time the British rock band appeared on American Televisions all thanks to Ed Sullivan. We celebrate this because they are a sensational group with amazing talent.

Martin Luther King is Killed

April 4 1968

Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King is killed by James Earl Ray just before King was to talk to the protesting African Americans who refused to pick up garbage with their hands, this was a day that many African Americans mourned because he was their voice , he was the voice that would help African Americans get their rights along with the other people in the United States.

Robert Kennedy is Assassinated

June 4 1968

John F. Kennedy's little brother is assassinated by Arab, Sirhan Sirhan after he gives a speech at Los Angeles hotel. He was the next one in line for Democratic party. Everyone was sure that he would win.

Americans Land on The Moon

July 20 1969

The United States is the first people to land on the moon, just as JFK promised, this was our first step for increasing our education in math and science. We proved that we can top Russia when It came to space.


August 15 1969

Woodstock was the largest music festival in the world with the attendance of 500,000 people. It was held in upstate New York in 1969. This event had Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who and many other bands that were popular at the time. This was the breeding ground for the Hippy movement. 2 people were born and two people died. What a rad time.

Immigration From Asia

1970 - 2000

Many people from all parts of Asia are beginning to migrate to the United States for new opportunities as the old Immigrants. The United States becomes a melting pot of cultures

Elvis Presley dies

Approx. August 16 1977

On this date the King died.The King died of a drug overdose/ heart attack. This was a sad thing for the world to encounter. He made Rock n' Roll what it is today. He was the inspiration for many of the rock bands we have today.