US Russia Relations


U.S. Announced Plans toBuild Anti-Missile System in Poland


US Makes Plans to put Anti Missile Base in Poland
Russia viewed system as a threat

Putin visited Iran


Putin visited Iran to dicuss Russian aid in Iran Nuclear Program
Bush advised him not to help them

Russia Reaims Missiles Toward US Missile bases


Russia retargets some of its rockets
Threated to aim missiles at Ukraine

Russia Threatens US if Missile Bases are Moved


Russia said it might have to react military if bases are moved
Russia said they meant that they would need to redeploy their missiles

Russian-georgian Clash

August 2008

US-Russia relations strained
US support Georgian in the battle

US and Poland Agree to Set Up Anti Missile Systems


Agree to set up 10 2 stage anti missile interceptors
Moved more US missiles into poland for protection

North Korean Nuclear Threat


North Korea had a nuclear missile test
Messed up NK relations with Russia and China
Russia created a new nuclear program in response

Vigilant Eagle 2010

August 2010

US and Russia conducted a joint anti-hijacking exercise
Plan protected againt aircraft terrorism
Helped grow trust between Us and Russia

Sryia Uprising

March 2012

US Favored sanctions called Assad to quit
Russia wasn't infavor of moves
US seanators wanted to halt business with Russia

Putin's 3rd Term

March 2012

Putin elected for his 3rd term as president of Russia
US wanted to reach an agreement on certain areas like Iran

Increae in Military Tension

May 2012

Russia planed on missile strike in Middle in to Pressure US into military demands
Increased concern that Russia violating many rules

Snowden Affair

July 2013

Russia grants Snowden Aslyum in their nation
US mad at Snowden for releasing NSA documents

Start of Crimea 2014


Collapse of pro Russia Regime in Urkanie
Russia invades Crimea and takes control
Escalated many tensions

North Korean Threat 2013

april 2014

Kim Jung-Un wanted missiles to be ready to fire at US military
Russia support sanctions against NK