Caroline Chisholm


First person to build a homeless shelter for females


Caroline was granted use of part of the old immigration barracks for her female immigrants home. It sheltered up to 96 women at a time and depended entirely on public subscription. It was the first of its kind in Australia.

Sent unemployed people out into country Australia to find employment


Not long after sending unemployed people into country Australia in search for work, she had established resting stages and employment agencies at 12 rural centres

Outlined a scheme for settling families on the land with long leases


Caroline outlined a scheme to present to a select committee on distressed labourers about settling families on land with long leases to promote prosperity.

Settled 23 families in Shellharbour under own expense


Caroline settled 23 families at her own expense on land at Shellharbour, this land was given to her by Robert Towns. She presented this experiment to a second committee in 1844 however her plan was again rejected.

Collected over 600 statements from immigrants

1845 - 1846

Collected over 600 statements from immigrants about their lives in Australia, then travelled back to England and used these as a reference to guide prospective immigrants about moving to Australia

Achieved free passage for emancipist's wives and 75 children


Founded Family Colonization Loan Society


Provided people with temporary financial assistance for passage to Australia

W.S. Lindsay built the 'Caroline Chisholm'


The ship brought a party of jewish girls from the Jewish Ladies Benevolent Society to Australia

Proposed shelter shed along routes to the gold diggings


At a metting in Melbourne in November she proposed a series of shelter shed along the routes to the diggings; with some government assistance 10 were under construction by the end of 1855.

Opened Girls School in Newtown


Financial necessity forced Caroline to open a girls school at Newtown and later moved to Tempe.