WW2 Timeline


The Invasion of Poland


Hitler forms an alliance with the Soviets and attack Poland, starting WW2

The Battle of France


Hitler and the Nazi party take France

The Battle of Britain

7/10/1940 - 10/31/1940

The Nazis go for the UK, the only Allied power left. However, the UK holds them off and Hitler calls a retreat.

The Seige of Leningrad

9/8/1941 - 1/1944

Germany attacks the Soviet Union with air raids and artillery fire.

The Pearl Harbor Bombings


The Japanese bomb a major US Naval base, and the US declares war on Japan.

The Battle of Stalingrad

8/23/1942 - 2/2/1943

Germany attack and burn Stalingrad, home to the USSR's best Military factories, but the Soviets hold them off.

Italy Leaves WW2


The Italian dictator, Mussolini is overthrown by the Italian revolution and leave the war.

The Invasion of Italy


The Allies invade Italy from Egypt and the Italians assassinate Mussolini

The Battle of Lenino


The Polish and Soviets try to invade German-owned Lenino, which failed.



The Allies, the US, UK and Canada, invade German-ruled Normandy, which was a huge advantage for the allies.

The Battle of the Bulge

12/16/1944 - 1/25/1945

The Allies get pushed back in the Nazis last major offensive, which causes a bulge in the front. This 'bulge' gave the battle its name.

The Invasion of Iwo Jima

2/19/1945 - 3/27/1945

The US pushed the Japanese farther back, and grabbed another win in the Pacific war

The Battle of Okinawa

4/1/1945 - 6/22/1945

The US attacked Japan in a major naval battle that ended the war. Japan lost 110,000 troops and multiple destroyers and aircraft carriers.

Hitler Commits Suicide


Hitler's rein comes to an end, and the war in Europe is over.

The Manhattan Project


USA scientists came up with the atomic bomb, a $2 billion monster that destroys 800 yds in every direction. The US dropped one on Heroshima and one on Nagasaki and when Japan couldn't take it, they surrendered, ending WW2.