Paleolithic age- end of roman times



100,000,000 bc

The creation or universe

Paleolithic age

10,000 bc - 7,000 bc

Neolithic age

7,000 bc - 6,000 bc

Metal ages

6,000 bc - 1,000 bc

Pre roman: Iberians and Celts

1,000 bc - 299 bc

Iberians lived in rectangular houses organised in streets, they were expert craftsmen. Celts lived in circular houses disorganised, they were expert metal workers.

Phoenician colonie

700 bc - 299 bc

The Phoenicians came from Asia. they came to the peninsula looking for minerals such as gold and silver.Good sailors, excellent merchants. They settled on Andalucia´s coast. Sexi,Gadir,Malaca... were colonies.

Greek colonie

600 bc - 299 bc

Greeks settled on the Mediterranean coast to trade metals, salts and esparto grass from the peninsula. Rhode, Emporion and Saguntum and Hemeroskopeion were it´s colonies.


300 bc - 299 BC

Came from Africa. they settled on the Balearic islands and in the east and weast fo the peninsula.
Ebusus and Cartago Nova were some colonies


299 BC - 400

Romans made Hispania part from the Roman Empire. Legionaries transformed Iberian and Celt tribes into Roman cities. The romans organised Hispania in provinces, ech one ruled by a governor. The first provinces were: Baetica, Lusitania and Tarraconensis. Then, in 300 AD Gallaeica and Carthaginensis were created.


299 bc - 400

Roman language was Latin. Basque is the only pre-roman language that has survived. People gradually adopted roman customs. Religion changed. First, people worshipped Roman gods, then in 318 AD Christianity bagan.


299 BC - 400

There were two groups of people: slaves, that had no rights and owned by another person to do hard job things and free people, that were merchants, legionaries, land owners or simple craftsmen, farmers... Romans introduced the Roman law to Hispania.


299 bc - 400

Romans fought in the Punic wars to conquer Hispania. The conquest lasted for about 200 years. The last Tribes were from the North.

Year 000

0 ad

Jesus Christ is born.