Tony Hawk by Lily M

The shorter story of a skateboarder's life in a timeline form.


Birth of Tony Hawk


Real name is Anthony Frank Hawk. Born in Carlsbad,? California.

1st Time on Skateboard


Hawk's brother showed him a little bit about a skateboard when he pulled it out of their garage. It didn't really fascinate Hawk but he took out when he was bored. Pretty soon he took it out a lot more.

First competition


Hawk's first competition was at Oasis park. He didn't do well because of nerves.

Went to Oasis Park for 1st time


Hawk went with a group of boys to a local park called Oasis skatepark. He went a lot more after that-he wanted to learn so many tricks that he saw other pros do. For now, though he was just on the beginner's bowl.

more competitions/ Becoming sponsored


Hawk skates in more local competitions. He joins ASPO and CASL, skateboarding leagues. His dad started CASL, (California Amateur Skateboard League).

When the leader of the group, Stacy Peralta, saw Hawk skate in some local competitions, he asked Hawk if he wanted to join the group. Hawk knew that in the Bones Brigade there were some famous professional skateboarders. So, Hawk joined and that was very good. Stacy was like a skateboarding mentor for Hawk. Later, Stacy told Hawk he liked his determination, which is why he asked him to join the group.

Became pro skateboarder


Stacy asked if he wanted to become pro. So when Hawk decided, he just checked off a little box with "pro" next to it instead of "amateur" on registration paperwork before a competition. Hawk knew that Stacy wouldn't have asked Hawk id he wanted to be a pro if he didn't think he was ready.

Bones Brigade touring and skating


After skating for a while now in competitions with the Bones Brigade the whole team started touring the world skating in more contests

Stopped competing/new house

Approx. 1987

Hawk decided to stop competing because of to much pressure and stress. He moved into a new house in a desert town with a pro skateboarder and his girlfriend. His dad helped build a ramp in his backyard.

Started Competing/tour


After months of no competing, Hawk started itching to compete again. He realized he liked the pressure. He competed just for fun and won some competitions too. He went on a tour with the Bones Brigade-the crowds were HUGE.

The End


Made a skating video called The End. It was very expensive to make and took a lot of tries to land some of the stunts he wanted to perform in the video.



Married his girlfriend, Cindy.



Since skateboarding was losing popularity fast, Hawk talked with a Powell skater, Per Welinder, and they decided to start their own company, Birdhouse, which sold skateboards. Hawk called George Powell and Stacy and told them he was leaving. Hawk put all his money into this company.

1st child Born/moved

1992 - 1993

Hudson Riley Hawk, was his 1st born son. Since money was so tight Cindy, Hudson, and Tony, moved into the house he bought when he was in high school and sold the Fallbrook desert house.


1993 - 1994

Hawk divorces Cindy and starts dating a girl named Erin.

Board selling well/Engagement


Hawk became popular again because of the Extreme Games, his board was selling well. Hawk could relax a bit because Birdhouse was doing much better than it had 4 years before, full of bad selling days.

He proposed to Erin who said yes.

Dad/ Extreme Games


Hawk's dad died 1994 when he was on tour. Once Hawk got the news, he flew right home. During that week he called his dad every day knowing his dad was on his deathbed.

Hawk won the vertical contest in an Olympic style game called the Extreme Games (x games)specifically for skateboarding, BMX, rock climbing and other alternative sports.

Stopped skating contest/X Games


Hawk decided to stop skating contests yet dragged himself to the X Games, where he landed some 900's his dream trick he's been trying all his life.

Video Games/TV Program


Hawk became super popular after landing the 900 at the X Games. There were video games made after him. Hawk decided to create a TV program called Tony Hawk's Gigantic Skatepark tour. He wanted to show people what skating is really like.

Present time


Hawk is now a retired skater. Birdhouse is doing better than it ever has before, coming up with many new skateboard graphic ideas. Hawk has his own clothing and shoe line. He started the Tony Hawk foundation where he goes around and builds skate parks for places who don't have one. Tony Hawk has 4 kids now and is dating someone named Cathy Goodman. He has now divorced 3 times.

No matter what, Hawk is a great skateboarder and even if he is not competing he is still remembered for being a determined competitor.